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    Pimcore Custom XLSX Import

    Updated 22 March 2022


    With the Pimcore Custom XLSX import plugin, the user can import the product, categories, Brand, and Manufacturer using an XLSX file. The plugin allows the user to create the custom mapping of their XLSX file with the Pimcore Data Objects.

    In the past, most of the eCommerce companies were managing their product catalog using CSV/XLSX file but now most of them are moving towards PIM because it is easier to manage the product information with the PIM at a single place.

    Now in the PIM, it is also easier to make the integration with third-party eCommerce platforms, ERP systems, POS, and Print Catalog. In the Pimcore XLSX import, you can create custom mapping and import the products feed.

    Basic Requirements

    • This module works with Pimcore 5.5.x, 5.6.x, and 6.x.


    • Import Products using XLSX file
    • Object configuration for the product, categories, attributes, manufactures, and brands
    • Configuration for the import
    • Import Categories with XLSX file
    • Import manufactures and Brands
    • Create and save the mapping templates
    • Map XLSX fields with Pimcore Objects

    Module Installation

    Please follow these steps for installing the Pimcore XLSX Module in Pimcore:

    1 – Download the zip file of our Pimcore XLSX Module then merge the src folder with the src folder available at the root in the Pimcore project directory.

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    Merge the src folder to Pimcore installation directory

    2 – After uploading the zip, you have to go to your Pimcore admin panel then navigate Tools -> Extensions. In the extension list, you will get the “WebkulImporterBundle“.

    Install the Pimcore XLSX Connector

    3 – By clicking on the “+” icon, you can install the connector. After that, you can see the installed connector on the extension list.

    Click on the icon to install the connector

    4 – After installation, you can click on the button”Clear cache and reload” to clear the cache and reload the Pimcore server.

    5 – You can see the installed plugin in the menu bar.

    Pimcore XLSX connector installed

    Module Configuration

    After installing the Pimcore XLSX import connector, the user will get two option.

    • Configuration
    • Import

    Here the admin can make the configuration to import the Product, Category, Attribute, Manufacturer, and Brand. The user can map the object with the Pimcore.

    Configuration in Pimcore XLSX Import Connector

    Import Configuration

    The user can click on the “Import” for making the import configuration and importing the XLSX file. After click on the “Import“, the user will get two options.

    What are you importing?

    In this option, the users can map the object that they are going to import. They can map the Product, Category, Attribute, Manufacturer, and Brand in this field.

    import configuration in Pimcore XLSX Import Connector


    In this section, the user can upload the XLSX file that he/she want to import in the Pimcore. The user can click on the “Browse” to select the file.

    upload the file in Pimcore XLSX Import Connector

    After uploading the files, the user can click on the “Proceed” button for the next process. Now a new section will be open for the “Existing Mapping” and “Import Panel” where the user can map the XLSX fields with Pimcore Object and save the mapping for future use.

    In the Import Panel, after object mapping with the XLSX fields, the user can click on the “Save Mapping” button. A new pop-up window will be open and where the user can put the new mapping name.


    In this process, the user doesn’t have to create the mapping again and again for the existing XLSX file. The user can use the already created mapping.

    After completing the mapping setup, the user can click on the “Import” button to import the products from XLSX into Pimcore.


    That’s all about the Pimcore XLSX Import Connector.

    I hope you have enjoyed this article. For any query in Pimcore, you can send us an email at [email protected]. Please let me know if you want to discuss your Pimcore project, you can ping us anytime at our skype:

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