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    How to add product in Pimcore

    Updated 8 April 2022

    In this blog I am going to explain How to add product in Pimcore. If you are new to Pimcore then fore sure you must be facing issues while adding products in Pimcore.

    Although it is a platform which is providing PIM, DAM, CMS and E-commerce together. However if you are new to this platform then it is quite sure that you are going to break your head on your desktops to understand the workflow.

    Not taking so much time of yours lets hand on the experience of creating a new product in Pimcore. We will be using the classes and we will add the data object i.e product in Pimcore.


    In the above image you can see the fresh screen. So now you need to click on the setting icon on the left menu of the screen which will open a complete menu like the below screenshot-


    Then in that you will see Data Objects and in that you need to click on classes.

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    So when you click on classes you will get a screen where you can create any sort of object and its class.

    For example- If you want to add classes for the customer management then you can add it from here. If you want to add the classes and data object for product or any other entity then it can be manage from here.


    We have selected a default product type i.e Car which was created by installing the dummy data.

    Now you need to click on the layout-


    The above is the default package which you get with the Demo data. Now if you want to add any other field then you can just right click on Base data and this kind of panel will be there-


    You can easily add component as per your requirement.

    The first is text in that when you hover it will show the input, text area, etc.

    So same as the above you can add any sort of data component or layout component.

    How to add product in Pimcore

    Here you are ready to create a new product in the Pimcore platform and here are the steps-


    After clicking on the PIM a new layout will open from where you can easily add product-


    In the above image you can see many folders in which you can add your products. You can right click on any folder and then add object and add product. A popup will appear on screen to enter the object name.


    When you enter the name and click OK then this screen will appear to enter the details-


    In this page you can add all the data which you have configured in the classes page. After filling all the data you can publish the product. You can create the Online website using the Pimcore platform. Also if you are having any retail shop then you use the Pimcore POS as well.


    So in this way it will be displayed in the front end. You can easily view the product from the product page. The preview product feature of Pimcore is an amazing thing for the product managers.

    You can not only create products for this Pimcore front end you can connect your Pimcore platform to Magento by using the Pimcore Connector for Magento2.

    If you are here then you must have created a product in Pimcore. If you have any sort of query regarding the same then you can connect with us by mailing us on [email protected]

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