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Opencart POS Multi Barcode System

Updated 11 October 2023


If any seller wishes to sell their product in a set of quantities, then for that they can use Opencart POS Multi Barcode module. It provides ease in inventory management for the admin without much involvement.

Opencart POS Multi Barcode System plug-in helps the admin to generate multiple barcodes for the set of a single product having multiple quantities.

The admin can also print the barcodes and attach those barcodes to the set of products. When any Sales agent scans that barcode, the product is added to the cart with the defined quantity of the product in the set.

Why do we need this module?

For selling a single product in a defined set of quantities.

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When do we use this module?

If any store owner wants to sell any product in a set of some quantity, then he can easily generate a unique barcode for that set of the same product.


  • Opencart POS Multi Barcode System Module is an add-on of Opencart POS System module.
  • To use this plugin, the user must have first installed the Opencart POS System Module.

Check the plugin working in the video below –



  • It helps the admin to manage the inventory very easily.
  • By the help of this module, admin can make several sets of the same product having different quantities.
  • Admin can also decide how may barcode slips he want to print for a set of the same product.
  • The admin can print the barcodes of the product and attach to the respective set of product.
  • By scanning the barcode on the set of products, it’ll be added to the cart with the defined set of quantities.
  • It provides ease to the sale agent, he doesn’t need to scan every single product.
  • Admin can easily enable or disable this module through configuration settings.


  • Admin is allowed to make a set of a maximum  500 product quantities.
  • Admin can print the maximum number of barcodes is up to 1000.


For the installation of Opencart POS multi barcode module, you just need to move admin, wkpos folder into the Opencart root.


After that, you have to upload the file through Extensions > Extension installer 

Extension Installer

After uploading the file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on the refresh button and then you can see the uploaded file.


Now, navigate towards  System > Users > User group and edit Administrator.

User Groups

Select all for both Access permission and Modify permission and save it.

User Groups


After successful installation of the module, the admin can see the module configuration under Extension > choose extension type (Modules) > Multiple Barcode POS then, click on the edit button.

For the reference please check the below screenshot:


Now, let us explain all the important fields of this module configuration:



From here the admin and enable/disable the multi barcode generation system.

Quantity for Barcode Print

The admin can set the quantity of the barcode to print. Admin can print the barcode less than or equal to 1000.


After setting all the configurations admin can save it by clicking on the save icon.


If the admin wishes to cancel the configuration, then he can click on the cancel icon.


After enabling the module configuration, the admin can navigate towards Point of sale (POS) > POS Product.

To decide the quantity to make a set of a particular product click on the Generate multiple barcode button.

generate sets

Now, the admin can enter the number of quantities of that particular products to generate a set of quantities for which he/she wants to generate multiple barcodes and then, click on the Generate Barcode button.

generate sets

After clicking on the Generate Barcode button, the admin would be able to see the generated set of the product.

generated set


After the generation of the set of the product, the admin can click on the print icon to print the barcode.

print barcode

Now, the admin can enter the number of barcodes he wants to print.

barcode slip

When the admin enters the quantity of the barcode slips he wants to print and click on the print button.

Then, the barcodes slips will be generated. After that admin can attach those barcodes to the respective sets of the product.

Barcode slips

That’s all about the Opencart POS Multi Barcode System module. Still, have any query feel free to raise a ticket at

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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