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    Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment Version2

    Updated 15 December 2021

    Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment Customers will be able to use the Stripe Connect payment gateway to complete checkout and make an online payment. The marketplace add-on connects your Opencart store to Stripe, the world’s most popular payment service. It simplifies online payment processing and makes return order refunds a breeze. Stripe’s secure interface ensures a much safer transaction experience for both the payer and the payee.

    It will work in both the Live and Test modes. This payment method made use of Stripe Connect so that the admin could pay the vendor or seller for the order. All are managed by the Stripe payment gateway, which sends payments directly to your bank account. The module allows the admin to easily manage the refund process.

    Stripe Payment Gateway is now available for your Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment, allowing you to accept payments for your eCommerce store from all over the world.

    Stripe is a global technology company that creates internet business infrastructure. With a presence in 39 countries and over 100,000 merchants, it is the fastest-growing payment gateway in recent years.

    It is the world’s first and largest technology organisation with the goal of increasing the internet’s GDP. The payment method is a completely responsive interface that works on both desktops and mobile devices, with a 3D safe checkout available in over 135 currencies and 25 languages.

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    Stripe is a PCI Level 1 service provider that encrypts customer credit card information. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other credit and debit cards are accepted. Depending on the country of the Stripe account, it also accepts several other payment methods.

    The checkout takes place on the merchant site there is redirection or popup to complete the payment.


    • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
    • Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.
    • This module is an add-on to the Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Opencart Marketplace Module.

    Check a brief overview of the plugin working –



    • The admin can enable the module for the selected group of customers.
    • Admin can set the price range between the minimum and the maximum amount to work this module.
    • The admin can enable the module for the selected Geo Zone.
    • Sellers can connect with the Admin Stripe account using Stripe Connect as a user and then the order amount will transfer to their account directly.
    • The admin can enable the option to enter the shipping address by the customer on the stripe checkout page.
    • Admin can refund payment from Stripe Payment Dashboard.
    • The Admin can check Stripe Payment information in detail for an order. The sellers can also check this under their transactions.
    • Provide a secure, trusted, and fast payment method to the customers as the stripe is fully PCI compliant.
    • The admin can choose and select the status for the order event when a customer places an order.
    • The admin can set the webhook for stripe payments.
    • Gpay and Applepay wallets can use to complete the stripe payment.

    Opencart Marketplace Mobile App

    This is a technology-based era where everything is simplified even, online shopping. We all know about shopping apps and its advantages-how it reduces and makes our shopping experience hassle proof.

    So it is very important for all the Store owners to have a shopping app for providing a more convenient way to shop from their online store and now Webkul’s has launched its new app Opencart Marketplace Mobile App Opencart Marketplace Mobile App converts your marketplace store for Opencart into a mobile app.

    Your customers can easily purchase products on the go. They don’t need to have a laptop or desktop, they can easily explore your store through their smartphones.

    It will not only benefit the store owner and customer it will benefit the sellers too. Sellers can see their dashboard, order history through the mobile app.

    So what are you waiting for, you must now have an Opencart Marketplace Mobile App to be a step ahead.

    • Seller list.
    • The Seller Collection.
    • Seller Profile.
    • The Seller Dashboard.
    • Seller Order History.
    • The customer can contact the seller.
    • Market Place Sell Page.
    • The user can review the seller.
    • Seller Location is mentioned on the map.


    For the installation of the Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment Version2 module, you have to drag your admin, catalog, ocmod and stripe.lib folders in the Opencart root folder as per the below image.


    You can also install the Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment by uploading the admin, catalog and stripe.lib files through the extension installer. extension-installer Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment Now admin will go to Extensions > Modifications and then click on the refresh button like the image below.

    modification Opencart Marketplace Stripe PaymentAlso, after that under Extension > Payment menu install Stripe Payment Method.manage-stripe-payment-method Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment

    Module Translation

    As this Marketplace module supports multiple languages so this section will describe how to make the module work in different languages. Please check this link for language translation

    After the installation, the admin can manage the module from the back-end. The admin can select the Payment Method Status as Enable or Disable. There are five modes for the configuration. Let us explain one by one-


    General Management-

    From the general management tab, the admin can-

    • Payment Method Title: Enter the title for the payment method that will be displayed to the customer while choosing the payment method at checkout.
    • Sort Order: The admin can sort the order of the payment gateway
    • Transaction Amount Restriction: Enter min and max value if you want, then stripe will work only in between entered range, otherwise leave it blank.
    • Allowed Geo Zone(s): Select zone(s) where you want to deliver order or if a customer is not under the selected zone(s) then the method will not display to the customer.

    Stripe Management –

    From the stripe management tab, the admin can manage the options related to stripe. Here, the admin can-


    NOTE: The admin can get all API keys at Stripe admin panel under the Account > Account Settings > API Keys Here

    Check out Management-

    Admin can select Yes if wants to get the shipping address from the customer at the stripe checkout page else select NO.


    Status Management

    Here, the admin can select the status for different events.

    The admin can choose the status that will be set to order when any of below event will occur when customer place order.


    Also, the admin can select the different type of status for each event-

    Stripe Connect Management  Here, the admin can manage stripe connect related options. For this admin has to add Application at Stripe then the admin can use those parameters here.

    stripepaymentconnectAlso, the admin can fill the application parameters here.

    Here, the admin can-

    • The Stripe Connect Landing Page: Admin can select the stripe-connect landing page as a login page or register page.

    Now save these payment methods. If the customer details are full filled as per the conditions set by admin, then this method will display to the customers on the front-end.

    NOTE:  For the live payments SSL is required, as per the Stripe terms and condition, for more info Click here


    Here, the admin can set the webhooks for stripe payments.


    Here, The admin can

    • Status: Enable the status for webhook.
    • Webhook URL: The URL has been used to generate the webhook secret key.
    • Webhook secret key: The secret key generated when the admin sets the webhooks.

    Generation of webhook

    The admin can generate the webhook from the stripe dashboard. By clicking the URL admin redirect to the stripe login page and puts the username and password.


    The admin click on continue and redirects to webhook page where admin click on setting > Developers > webhooks. 


    Furthermore, the admin needs to click on add endpoint button for the generation of the webhook secret key.


    Put endpoint URL and select events for stripe payment like Charge refunded,


    Payment intent succeeded 


    Balance available 



    The admin can set the wallets here like Gpay and Applepay.


    Furthermore, admin will click on here button which will redirect to the following page to set the payment wallets.


    Stripe logs

    Here, the admin can check stripe payment logs, which only generate when selected webhook events get encountered like refund or checking balance


    Refund Status

    Here, admin can check the order refund status and transaction details.


    Stripe Connect( Seller-End )

    After the module configuration, the seller can see the Stripe Connect option with Marketplace Account options as per the below image.

    stripe-connect-seller-end When the seller will click on this option then the seller can connect to their Stripe account to Admin’s account as the user. connect-with-stripe-seller-endAlso, after clicking on Connect with Stripe button, the seller can signup for Stripe or can connect by Sign in if already have an account.login-to-stripe After this, the seller can accept all the payment for their orders or products.

    Also, the seller can view the transaction details from the stripe seller dashboard. Along with the type of transaction, description of the transaction, net amount, etc.


    Customer Checkout – At the time of checkout, the customer can select the payment method as Stripe Pay, to pay with stripe. And accept the terms & conditions to continue to pay.
    marketplace-stripe-pay-checkout After selecting the Stripe Method the customer can click on the Continue button to make the paymentpay-with-stripe

    Also, after making a successful payment, the customer will redirect to the order confirmation page.


    By clicking on the history the customer can also view the order information-


    At Stripe end- Payment with details

    When Stripe Charge is selected as Charge through Platform

    At the Stripe’s End, the admin can see Payment done by the customer in the Payments section


    The admin can do the refund when Stripe Charge is selected as Charge through Platform. Admin can see “Refund” under the “Marketplace” menu.

    Also, the admin can select the customer and click on the view button to move further for the refund process. By selecting the customer, the admin can click on the refund button as shown in the image below-

    screenshot of market place strioe transactions On clicking on the “View” button, the admin can see products that are in that particular order. The admin can do a partial or full refund. Also, at the Stripe’s End, admin can see the refunded amount. partial-refund-stripe

    Stripe Charge as Charge Through Connected Account

    At the Stripe’s End, when the payment is done by Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway the admin can see the commission which they receive in their Stripe Account. uncapturedAlso, when the admin will click on this, a new page will open which will display the details like the image below. detail-captured Now, at the seller Stripe end, the seller can see the total amount which they received from the customer like the image below. seller-details-stripe Thats all for the Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment Version2, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .
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  • Leo

    Does this module use Direct Charges? Does Stripe collect fee from seller?

    • gunjita joshi (Moderator)
      Hello Leo,


      Thanks for dropping by and letting us know your query.

      Your query states-

      1) Does this module use Direct Charges?
      Ans) This module does not support Direct Charges as initially the amount is transferred to the admin, thereafter, it is auto-transferred to the sellers if they’ve connected their accounts with the admin’s account.

      2) Does Stripe collect fees from the seller?
      Ans) As the main account is of the store admin, therefore, the Stripe fee is deducted from the admin’s account.

      Thanks and Regards!

      • Leo
        Hi Gunjita,

        Thanks for your message!

        In the features above it says this:
        “Sellers can connect with the Admin Stripe account using Stripe Connect as a user and then order amount will transfer to their account directly.”

        I believe that for this, Stripe handles this in conjunction with the module API through Stripe Direct charges through Stripe Connect.

        Is this feature valid? When a customer buys product, the money goes directly to the seller stripe account.

        “Sellers can connect with the Admin Stripe account using Stripe Connect as a user and then order amount will transfer to their account directly.”

        Thank you

        • gunjita joshi (Moderator)
          Hello Leo,


          Thanks for sharing your query with us.

          As per your query-

          1) Is this feature valid? When a customer buys a product, the money goes directly to the seller stripe account.

          Ans) Yes, this feature is valid, and if a customer makes a purchase, the amount is transferred directly to the seller stripe account.

          To know more, please click in here.

          For any further queries and requirements, you can always get back to us at [email protected]

          Thanks & Regards,

  • AV
    There are two method in Stripe payment. Destination-charges (left side in pic) and Direct-charges (rightside in pic). In both case Stripe charges fee only one time.

    please let me know which method are you using in your Stripe payment gateway.

    why your module collects two time “stipe transaction fee” ?

    • Subhangi (Moderator)
      Hello There,
      In our module, we are using destination charges. From the stripe, the charges will be applied as per the destination charge. For further queries, you can drop us a mail at [email protected].
      Webkul Team.
  • AV
    In the above example Seller should receive $299.6, since the sale price is $387.80 – admin commission $87.4

    why the seller is receiving the full sale amount of $387.8, what happened to the admin commission

    • Archana Tiwari (Moderator)
      Hello There,
      The above images are just for reference purposes. In the module, the seller’s amount will be calculated after deducting the commission.
      For further queries, you can drop us a mail at [email protected] and we will assist you accordingly.
      • AV
        Hi Purchased this module i am facing the lot of issues with this module. This Module lets Stripe to collect double time “Stripe Fee” for single customer purchase
        • Archana Tiwari (Moderator)
          Hello There,
          Please mail us at [email protected] so that we can look into the issues that you are facing and update you accordingly. Thanks
  • Abhinay Singh
    Hi Can i make a partial refund on an order.. for example ..if the charge for an order is $100, can i refund $60?
    Also does it work for opencart ver 2.3.x
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