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OpenCart Marketplace DHL Shipping

Updated 29 February 2024

OpenCart Marketplace DHL Shipping module provides the DHL Shipping service for shipping the products Worldwide.

Also, this shipping method is the most trusted shipping method in terms of cost & product delivery. Now it is available with the Webkul Opencart Marketplace Module.

Opencart Marketplace DHL Shipping module is an add-on of the Opencart Marketplace Module. To use this module, you must have installed the Opencart Marketplace Module


1. This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.

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2. Opencart Marketplace DHL Shipping module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Check a brief overview of the plugin –



  • The admin can set the DHL shipping method title to be shown on the front end.
  • Admin can print the Dispatch list.
  • This module will work on API, the admin needs to fill the API details of the DHL shipping.
  • Seller’s address will help to calculate the shipping cost.
  • The admin can print the Invoice slip.
  • Shipping cost calculated on the basis of the product’s weight and zip code.
  • Using this add-on the seller can provide the DHL shipping services for their buyers.
  • This shipping method is available for domestic as well as international buyers.
  • The admin can add a geo zone for deliverability.
  • Admin can allow sellers to add DHL account details.
  • This module allows the option to generate a DHL shipping label.
  • This module also allows the option to print or download the DHL shipping label.
  • The admin can also allow sellers to add the company logo on the shipping label.
  • Also, the admin can also upload the default image for the DHL shipping logo.

Opencart Marketplace Mobile App

This is a technology-based era where everything is simplified even online shopping.

We all know about shopping apps and its advantages-how it reduces and makes our shopping experience hassle proof.

So it is very important for all the Store owner to have a shopping app for providing a more convenient way to shop from their online store and now Webkul’s has launched its new app Opencart Marketplace Mobile App

Opencart Marketplace Mobile App converts your marketplace store for Opencart into a mobile app. Your customers can easily purchase products on the go.

They don’t need to have a laptop or desktop, they can easily explore your store through their smartphones. It will not only benefit the store owner and customer it will benefit the sellers too.

Sellers can see their dashboard, order history through the mobile app. So what are you waiting for, you must now have an Opencart Marketplace Mobile App to be a step ahead.

  • Seller list.
  • The Seller Collection.
  • Seller Profile.
  • The Seller Dashboard.
  • Seller Order History.
  • The customer can contact the seller.
  • Market Place Sell Page.
  • Users can review the seller.
  • Seller Location is mentioned on the map.


To install this add-on please follow each and every step carefully. First, you need to upload both admin and catalog folders into the Opencart root folder directory as shown in below screenshot:


Upload Ocmod File:

Once you upload the file then login to admin and go to Extensions> Extension installer and upload the XML file. The XML file can be found in the ocmod folder under the module directory. In the ocmod folder select the folder according to your Opencart version. Now upload the mp-dhl-shipping.ocmod.xml file.


After uploading the XML file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on the refresh field.


Also, After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.



 After that under Extensions->Shipping-> you will find the Marketplace DHL Shipping module. Here you can install the module as per the screenshot below.

Marketplace DHL Shipping

Under Marketplace DHL Shipping the admin have the following options.

Status: Using this option the admin can enable or disable this module.

Sandbox Mode: Also, using this the admin can enable or disable the sandbox mode.

Title: The title to show on the front end.

Gateway URL: If DHL has given you an alternate URL, Then enter that in this field.

Access ID: The DHL shipper account access Id that DHL provides.

Password: Also, the DHL shipper account password, that DHL provides.

Account Number: The DHL shipper account number that DHL provides.

Custom Logo On DHL Shipping Label: If it is enabled then the seller can add customized logo on DHL Shipping Lable.

Upload Image For Logo: The admin can upload an image for the logo that will be used as the default logo image.

Geo Zone: This allows admin to add Geo Zones.

Allow Seller To Add DHL Account Details: If it enables then the seller will be able to add DHL account details else the seller will not be able to add DHL account details.

DHL Account City: Enter the city name where the DHL account is registered.

The DHL Account ZipCode: Also, enter the zip code for that city where the DHL account is registered.

DHL Account Country: Select the name of the country where the DHL account is registered.

The DHL Account Region/State: Also, Select the state/region where the DHL account is registered.

Weight Unit: Select the weight Unit.

Size: Here, select the size unit.

Allow Seller To Display Company Logo On Shipping Label: By enabling this the seller will be able to display the company logo on the shipping label.

If it disables then the seller will not be able to display the company logo on the shipping label.

Note: For receiving Access ID, Password, and Account Number, you have to send an email to DHL ([email protected]) that you want to implement DHL API in your Module.

Front End

When Buyer will place an order of seller’s product, the buyer can see Opencart Marketplace DHL Shipping under shipping methods like this screenshot.
Front end
Buyers will be able to see and select the shipping method under Order Review and then the buyer can click on Confirm Order to complete their order.
Front end

Note: In the Opencart Marketplace DHL Shipping module, the shipping rate will calculate according to the seller’s product weight and seller’s origin address.

Admin End

Once the order is placed by the customer the admin will be able to view the order history for every order navigation Marketplace> Order.

The admin just needs to click on the particular order to view its order history.

Generate DHL Shipping Label

While viewing the particular order the admin can select the product from the product list and then click on the DHL shipping label option to generate the shipping label.


Also, the admin has the option to print or download the generated DHL shipping label.


This is the DHL shipping Label image with a default image for the logo if the seller is not allowed to display the company logo on the shipping label.

Admin can also print the Invoice slip and Shipping list for that order as shown:
admin end
Heading name goes here

Seller End

Add DHL Account

The seller needs to add the DHL account details in order to use this module at seller end navigation: My Account> Marketplace DHL Shipping.

After inserting all the account details the seller needs to click on the Save button in order to add the account details.


Note: If the seller will not add the account details then the DHL Shipping method will not be available for that seller products during the checkout process.

Generate Shipping Label 

The seller can also manage the order and see the order details with the help of seller dashboard navigation: My Account> Order History.

In the order history, the seller can view the entire order history, and also the seller can generate the DHL Shipping Label of any order and can download or print them too.

For generating the DHL shipping label the seller needs to select the particular product and then click on the DHL Shipping label.



The above image is of DHL Shipping Label with the seller company logo.

That is all for Opencart Marketplace DHL Shipping.

If you still have any issue feel free to add a Ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

. . .

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