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    Opencart Booking And Reservation version

    Updated 10 October 2023

    Here is the brilliant module that helps to create a booking or reservation on any product, built on opencart version Opencart Booking and Reservation are super useful when you want to convert your Opencart store to an event-driven site eg. doctor, appointment, movie booking system, etc..

    This module gives two types of booking for any product one is one booking for many days and another is many bookings for one day.

    One booking for many days: In this type of booking admin can provide customers to book for many days in a single booking.

    Many bookings in one day: It is a simple type of booking as we generally do on movie ticket booking, railway, etc.

    We also have an advanced version of this module Opencart Advanced Booking and Reservation. You can check this module by visiting the following link:

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    Check the plugin overview in the video mentioned-below  –


    Opencart Booking and Reservation is also available as Marketplace Booking and Reservation.


    • Booking dates will be created on ajax based, so there will be no page reloads.
    • Dynamic event displays according to the date in case of one booking for many days.
    • Brilliant UI and UX for event display and booking as well at the admin’s end.
    • Built on top of the Opencart MVC and ORM system
    • Real-time booking i.e. if a customer is booking any slot and some how because of the internet or any other reason checkout is not confirmed and simultaneously another customer is booking that slot too, then if that customer successfully checkouts then the slot will not be available for the first customer.
    • Checkout check is there.
    • Admin can close particular booking slot of a product.
    • The Admin can close booking slots of particular time span.
    • Customers can add multiple booking slots of a product in one view.
    • The Customer Time-based booking has been introduced which is based on hourly and day wise cost calculation.(Opencart Advanced Booking Reservation System)
    • Slot based quantity measure has been used.(Opencart Advanced Booking Reservation System)
    • Admin can do manual booking from the backend. (Opencart Advanced Booking Reservation System)


     Installation of the Opencart Booking and Reservation module is super simple. Under the zip file, you will find folders with name admin, catalog, fpdf, ocmod, syetem and theme patch.

    You need to upload the admin, catalog, fgdf and system folders to the root directory of the website. If you are using any theme then upload the catalog folder from the theme patch.


    Once you have uploaded the file then login to admin and go to Extensions> Extension installer and upload the XML file. The XML file can be found on the ocmod folder.

    Extension installerExtensions->modification

    Then in Admin panel go to System -> Users  ->Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and choose select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.


    After uploading successfully and permitting all, the module is ready to be installed.

    How to use Guide

    Using this module is fairly easy, you just need to configure the Opencart Booking and Reservation module from opencart admin as per the screenshots. Please go to Extensions>Modules and click the Install button.

    Module edit

    After installation, click the Edit button and do module configuration for Opencart Booking and Reservation. Please refer to the image below:

    module configuration


    After the module configuration, the admin will set the layout like the image below.

    edit layout

    The admin can also follow the path System > Design > Layout and can set layout for Product page.

    Add module in layout

    After saving this, set the module to the product page so as to make it work.

    Go to Catalog > Products and edit any product in which you want to add reservations, there you will see a booking and reservation tab, click on it.

    Complete all the fields according to guidelines for many bookings in one day and save this.

    Booking and Reservation tab

    For one booking for many days will be as below and create as you want to give reservation slots.

    Add booking

    Now, click on the add booking button, a popup box will be opened where you can create slots according to your needs.

    create slots

    After adding this, slots will be like below screenshot and there you can edit and delete as per need.

    edit/delete time slot

    After editing any time slot you’ll get the same popup box again but with value and there change values and click on update button.

    edit booting slot

    That slot will be updated as per the below screenshot.

    edit booking and reservation

    After doing all these steps, click to save the reservation for this product and then it will be available at the front end.

    Front End Management

    As per the admin configuration, products will be displayed with the reservation module. Here customers can choose time slots and pay accordingly. Here you can see a nice display of time slots, customers can choose the ones which are not booked.

    1) One booking for many days:

    product page

    When a customer clicks on the book now button, then a popup box will open and as below screenshot and you can book any of the available slots.

    Select booking slot

    After clicking on add to cart button for any slot, that will be added to cart and will display a message as per the below screenshot.

    Add booking to cart

    Then if any customer logs in, then he will see the booked slots.

    Booked slots on Pop up

    While booking any slot if the customer is not logged in, an admin has set that guest checkout is disabled then an error will be shown, and add to cart button will disappear.

    error message for non logged in customers

    2. Many booking in one day: 

    Front end for ‘many booking in one day’ will remain the same as the above, but when you click on ‘book now’ button then you’ll get a calendar where only those dates will be enabled on which the booking is allowed and others will be disabled.

    Available dates on calender

    If the booking is closed for any day, then it will display a ‘close message’.

    Closed booking error message

    If there is a booking slot on that day and not closed then it will show all the slots where some may be booked and some are available.

    display slot timing

    After clicking on add to cart button, it will add this product to the cart with reservation details.

    booking details on view cart

    If the customer is not logged in and admin is not allowing guest checkout then the customer can not buy any reservation without registering and will get an error as below.

    error message

    Back End Reservation Management

    Admin will be able to see this info in Admin Panel in Booking & Reservation tab.

    Booking option in admin panel

    Click on Many bookings in one day to check the products on which many bookings in one day is applied.

    Add booking

    After clicking on the booking link you’ll see all the bookings under that particular product. From here admin can also cancel the particular bookings.

    cancel booking

    For one booking for many days admin can click on one booking for many days tab to check the products on which one booking for many days is applied.

    check booking for product

    After clicking on the booking link you’ll see all the bookings under that particular product. From here admin can also cancel the particular bookings.

    Booking list for the product

    Manage slots of booking and reservation products

    Admin can also manage the slots of booking and reservation products. This admin needs to click on the ” Manage Slot” tab. After clicking on the Manage slot tab, admin can find the list of all the booking reservation products.

    Display all booking products with edit slots

    Admin can click on the edit button to manage the slots of the products. If admin clicks on a product that has many bookings in one day then admin can see all the slots.

    From here admin can close any particular slot if according to their choice. The slot which will be closed will become unavailable on the frontend for booking.

    Close slots

    Admin can also close the bookings on particular days from the Close day’s tab. For this, admin can select the days on which they want to close and save the product.

    Select close days

    Admin can also close a particular time span from the close time span tab. Here admin can simply add time spans on which they want to close the slots.

    Close time span selection

    In the same way, admin can click on one booking for many days product and close the particular slots.

    Select close to close slots

    Admin can also close the time spans and the slots which will be available in this time span will get closed.

    Close the available time slots

    Note: After closing the slots if any editing is done under the booking & reservation tab of the product then the slots will get reset again and the admin needs to close the slots again.

    That’s all for the Opencart Booking Reservation System, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .

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