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Opencart Admin Buyer Chat

Opencart Admin Buyer Chat module establishes a real-time direct communication between admin and the buyers. This chat module is socket based hence is very fast and responsive. Admin can chat with multiple buyers at the same time.This module will help the customers in a significant manner allowing them to directly chat with the store admin for their queries.


  • This chat module is socket based and is very fast and responsive on the server.
  • Template based using handlebar.js.
  • Multiple chat instances at the same time for admin chat window interface.
  • Admin can customize the customer’s chat window.
  • Customers can download and print their email transcripts.
  • Customers can report to manager in case they find any issue with the chat.
  • Customers can set avatar, chat status as busy, offline.
  • Customers get an automated mail after registration with their password.
  • A message notification icon pop up to lets you know that chat is still active.
  • Admin can remove the chat conversations for any buyer history at any time.
  • Admin can block/unblock a customer from chatting.
  • Admin can search a customer by typing his name within the search box provided on the top of his chat-box.

Installation Of The Admin buyer Chat Module

Prerequisites –

1. Node should be installed.

2. If you are using Shared Server then you have to provide SSH login details with root access, so we can configure the module. For root access, ask your Host Provider.

3. PHP version should be 5.5.x.

4. Port that you are using, should be open for your IP Address.

5. The module will only work for LAMP server.

Note 1 : Before start the server you have to write the port that you are using for chat module into server.js file that is parallel to opencart root directories.

Note 2 : If you are using cpanel then you can use either domain name or IP address but if using CloudFlare on server then must use IP address as hostname don’t use domain name.

Customers will get a zip folder for installing the module. They will unzip this folder on their system. This folder has 5 folders namely- admin, catalog, image, ocmod, system and files- Info, package.json, running.php and server.js. Now transfer the admin, catalog, image, system folder and all other files into the opencart root folder without the ocmod folder as shown below in the screen shot.

Now Before installing the module and starting  the server,  open the server.js file in the Opencart root folder and manually type the port number into the server.js file that you will be using for the chat module.

After this you have to run some commands :

-> to install node run command from terminal:
$ npm install

-> to install run command from terminal:
$ npm install

Ocmod folder has two xml files for the two versions 2.1 & 2.2 namely- store_chat2.1.ocmod and store_chat_2.2.ocmod. You need to upload the XML file as per your version through the Extension Installer.

Now go to Extension->Modifications and click on the clear button at the top right corner & after clear the cache click on refresh button as shown below.

After that under Extensions -> Modules you can install the module as shown below.

Server Configuration of the Module by Admin

Admin will configure the module after installation by navigating to Extensions->Modules and from the list of modules look for STORE CHAT. After that admin will click the edit button available to the right of the module to bring up another page with settings for the module – Server Settings & Chat Window Options.

Here the admin can set the chat module status as “ON” or “OFF”.  Then Hostname will be the server name and Port need to be defined. Port no. must be mapped with the hostname that you are using. Port number should be same as already defined. If you are using Cloudflare on your system then using “IP” address for Hostname is mandatory.

After filling the details for hostname and port number admin will save the settings and then click on “Start Server”. If the server is not running then admin will get an error message like this “ Currently Server is not running, You can restart the server and again start the server by clicking on start server button.”

Display Configuration of The Module By Admin

After this setting admin will set the “Chat Window Options” that will be displayed on the front end . Here he will set the chat window title, Login Button title, chat window position,Profile image extensions,Profile image size, client online/offline window color, chat background image/color , “display block message” is used to display a message if the store blocks a customer, “default error message” this message will display to customer if the server will stop.

Layout Settings of The Module By Admin

Admin will now navigate through Design->Layout->Home and click the edit button to set layout for the chat window on front end as shown below.

After click on the edit button, layout window will open up, here the admin will set the layout position for the chat window as shown below.

Chat window Layout location

The module will be displayed on the layout page which has been selected by the admin from the layout list. For example we have set the layout on Home from the list of layouts therefore chat window is displayed on the home screen bottom right side. The customers can go to the homepage and will see a chat box, using which customers can chat with the store admin.

After click on the chat window it will appear as below.

Customer Login

Registered Customer login

Registered customers can initiate their chat by typing in their e-mail address, password on the chat window and clicking the login  button.

Unregistered Customer login

Unregistered customers can register themselves by clicking on the “Sign Up” label & then typing in their full Name, E-mail address and an initial message to the admin. After this click  “Begin Chat Now” button. When the unregistered customers create an account to chat with the admin they are automatically logged in & registered as customers on the store. Also an automatic email is send on the customer’s email address containing the password for his account.

After that the customer will be logged in and can wait for the admin’s response and then both can continue their real time chat conversation.

Customer chat availability Status

Customers can set their chat availability status as busy or offline as per their need as shown below.

In the case a customer has set the status as offline and if the admin sends a message to the customer, admin will see a message stating the receiver is Offline as shown below.

Customer Chat Setting Options

Customers can select different options from the chat window settings like – Email Transcripts, Report to Manager, End Chat and Profile settings.

Email Transcripts Option

After the customer clicks on the “Email Transcript” option another page opens up containing the complete history details between the customer and admin. Using this option customers can download or print this chat history.

Report To Manager Option

Using this option customers can send message to manager if they are facing any issue with the chat.

Customer End Chat option

Customers can end their chat at any moment by clicking the End Chat option.

Clicking the End chat window will minimize the chat window, so that if the customer wants to start chat again, he can click on the minimized window.

Customer can click on the close button on the minimized window to close the chat window and a small notification icon will appear in its place, clicking on it will bring the chat window back again as shown below.

Customer Profile Picture

Customers will be able to change their profile picture for their chat window as shown below.
After this the customers can see the new uploaded picture on their chat window as shown below.

Chat History At Customer End

Customers will be able to see the history of conversation with the admin. They can also select to display message from like – Last 7 days or Forever that displays the chat history in the chat window itself.

Listing of online Customers At Admin End

On the other end, admin will be able to see a complete list of customers who are online. He will be able to chat with multiple customers at a time. The 3 most recent ones are always displayed and the rest are minimized into a window. Admin can switch between customers from the minimized chat window at any time.

New Message Notification for Admin

If a notification message comes in it will be shown on the upper right corner on the admin screen as shown below.

Change Chat Availability Status For Admin

Admin can change his online status to busy or offline as shown below.

Search Customer by Admin

If admin wants to search a customer he can use the search box provided on the chat window. Using customer name he can search the customer.

Delete Chat History Of Customer by Admin

Admin can delete the chat history of any customer as shown below in the below screenshot.

How To Block A Customer

Admin will be able to block and unblock any customer at his own will as shown below in the screenshot.

If the admin has blocked a buyer then the buyer will see a display message on his chat window that says “Currently, You are Blocked by Store!!” and a contact us button below that.

When the admin blocks a buyer an automatic email is sent to the buyer notifying him that he has been blocked for the chat.

That is all for the Opencart Admin Buyer Chat, If you still have any issue feel free to add a Ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x

. . .


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