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How doctors can manage their booking online?

Updated 9 May 2023

To know more about “How doctors can manage their online booking?” with the doctor theme booking commerce, read the blog to the last and make your online booking possible.

In today’s world, Doctors have been called worriers. as they diagnose diseases, Give quick treatment, and attend to patients with injuries at any point of time, Doctors are the ones who help you to fight diseases or illnesses.

As we all know doctors help patients to fight the disease daily. Going daily to the clinics and hospitals is not the safest as it may cause infections too.

What are the methods to book an appointment?

Majorly there are two types of methods to book an appointment as written below.

  • Offline Booking Appointment.
  • Online Booking Appointment.

Why do doctors prefer online appointments instead of the traditional way?

There are several reasons why doctors prefer the appointment as listed below:

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  • To avoid the rush in the clinics as well as hospitals.
  • For reducing the infection.
  • To attend to patients smoothly without any hustle.
  • To avoid the queue for the token or number.
  • Convenient process for the patient to get an appointment.
  • Reduce the workforce or paperwork.

How can you overcome this situation?

Webkul solves this problem of Appointment scheduling by launching a booking commerce platform.

What is booking commerce?

Booking Commerce is a SaaS-based online booking and appointment scheduling software that helps you streamline your customer onboarding and increase sales.

You may now run your business using the world’s first online comprehensive booking platform.


Doctor theme!

We as a Webkul introduced a theme for doctors only known as the doctor theme.

The theme is specially designed for doctors and hospitals to make the process easy and smooth for both doctors as well as patients.

Doctor theme is a separate theme from the eCommerce service-based theme .where the doctors can get self-registered. and also show their specialisation and

  • Dentist
  • Gynecologist/obstetrician
  • General Physician
  • Homoeopath
  • Dermatologist
  • Ayurveda
  • Ear-nose-throat (ent) Specialist

Top Features of Doctor Theme.

  • Doctors can add specialty, degree, and experience to their profile like Dentist, Gynecologist/obstetrician As well as General Physician, etc.
  • The clinic owner can collect fees with the different options.
  • Doctors can approve the patient’s appointment.
  • Doctors can cancel the patient’s appointment.
  • Admin can easily select the plans as per the need.
  • The owner can use add-ons such as PayPal, Razorpay, ICS file download and Google calendar.
  • The owner can also allow to patient pay online via Paypal as well as Razorpay.
  • the patient can also give reviews online.
  • Patients can write reviews for the doctors.
  • Admin can allow paying via cash on a venue to the patient.

How Doctors can Register on Booking Commerce?

To get registered on Booking Commerce as a doctor, you need to follow some simple steps suggested in this blog that will take just a few minutes yours.

Firstly Click here to Create Your Account on Booking Commerce.

After clicking this link, You will be straight away redirected to the Registration Form page of Booking Commerce.

After that, You can fill in all Your details such as Your Email and Username (subdomain).

Now, agree with the Terms & Conditions and Policies & click the Proceed button.


After clicking on proceed button the “choose category” window will appear.

  • Doctors
  • Clinic
  • Others

That is how you can get registered as a doctor on Booking Commerce and The account credential will be shared over the mail instantly.

Now, It will redirect you to your personal information section under the admin panel.

Personal Information

On the personal information page, the needs to enter the Profile image, Name, Specialisation, experience in years, Timezone, Description and  Address.


Once you save the personal information, you will land on the consultation schedule page.

On this page, you as a doctor can create your time slots.


After that, a public URL link will appear from where you can copy the URL, visit the clinic (front end) or admin(same window).


Booking products

The booking product tab will help you to see your booking products, where you can manage and edit the slots.


Is it possible to create multiple locations for a Doctor?

A doctor’s clinic is a medical facility where patients can receive medical attention and consultation from a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Some Doctors plan their sitting in multiple locations(multiple clinics) and the availability of the doctor can be depending on the alternative days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at location A and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at location B)or shift-wise (In the morning at location A and In the evening at location B)

To overcome this situation we have introduced a feature that will help a doctor to create an appointment slot as per the location.

So to create a location you need to go to Booking Products >> Add location


Before adding consultation make sure that you have added a clinic location from the location menu.


What if the doctor is not available at a specific time and on a day?

So we introduced a feature name overwrite specific days by using this feature the doctor can easily update availability.

To use this feature doctors need to go to Admin panel > Booking products > action tab > Edit booking products.



  • Admin/doctor needs to edit the booking product to use this feature.
  • This feature is not available at the time of adding new booking product.

Once the admin/ doctor clicks on Edit booking product, a new window will open.


By default, there are two types of overwrite.

  • Select duration – You can select this type in case you are not available or the slots are not available for a particular duration of time.

In this doctor/admin need to select the from date and to date. or you can say the duration of the non -availability.

  • Select a particular date – This can be used in case you are not available or there is no vacant slots on that particular day.

In this doctor/admin need to select the particular day of the non -availability.


Also, the actions are of two types and predefined

  • Close booking – By using this action, the admin can close the booking for the whole day or the part.

Case 1. If the doctor wants to close a booking for a particular whole day.

Case 2. If the doctor wants to cancel the booking for a particular day partially, like for the half day, or may cancel the booking for the particular slots.

  • Schedule updation – In this action, the doctor can easily reschedule the slots timing.

You can easily manage the timing of booking duration and the rest of the gap between the bookings.



Bookings tab, in this tab the admin can check all scheduled appointments by the patient.



The practice of creating and sending prescriptions for pharmaceuticals or to patients using digital technology is referred to as electronic prescription or e-prescribing.

As more healthcare professionals and patients adopt technology, this practice is becoming more widespread.

From the standpoint of the doctor, electronic prescribing has a number of advantages over conventional paper prescriptions.

One benefit is that it can increase the precision and thoroughness of prescription data, lowering the possibility of mistakes and possibly dangerous drug interactions.

The ability to send prescriptions quickly and easily to a patient’s preferred pharmacy is another benefit of e-prescribing for healthcare professionals.

This is the best and new feature in the doctor theme, for the doctors to enter or record the patient prescription digitally on the doctor theme Booking Commerce.

So let’s check how doctors can create an E-Prescription.


Firstly, the doctor needs to go to Bookings >> open a particular booking from the action button >> Approve the booking Approve button.


After clicking on the approved button doctor need to confirm by clicking on the yes button on the confirmation box.


After approving the booking, Now the patient consults with the doctor about the health issues after the consultation as per the booking slot doctor needs to done the booking by clicking on the done button.


Then again a confirmation window will pop up to confirm.


Now, as you can see there is a prescription button. By clicking the doctor will redirect to the prescription form.


On the prescription, the Patient’s Name, E-mail, & Phone number will be automatically filled up.

The doctor needs to fill up the patient’s details like age and gender. Also, Eprescription a Medical Details option where they can mention the below points:

  • Add Vitals:
  • Chief Complaints:
  • Allergy:
  • Diagnosis:
  • Medical Background:
  • Medication:
  • Advice:
  • Findings:
  • Investigation:
  • Prognosis:
  • Refer To:
  • Referred by:
  • Next Followups:

Once the doctor fills the prescription and wants to share the prescription report with the patient via email/sms? After clicking on the “save” button, you need to select “send the report as final” in order to send the prescription report to the patients.

After that doctor will get an option to

  • Save: From here you can save your prescription and if need you can edit it again.
  • Send report to the patient:  Once done, you cannot edit the report.
  • Save as PDF: With this option, you can save the prescription as a pdf.

To view the prescription of the patient, you need to go to booking >> open a particular booking by clicking on the action button >> then click on the view prescription.

How patient can check the E-prescription and the bookings?

Firstly, patients need to login into their account and then from the booking button or by clicking on the all bookings button from the profile dropdown option.


The patient can download the E-prescription and view the Booking details


Booking details page


Download prescription report


Booking calendar

Booking calendar tab, In this tab doctor as admin can check all the booking status in just one view.



Customers tab, Admin can easily check the customer details such as name, email, phone, number of booking, status and from the action button admin can edit or remove the customer.



Add-ons tab, Additional feature apps will be listed here to enhance the functionality of the platform.

Some famous add-ons are PayPal, Razorpay, ICS file download and Google calendar.



Configure Your booking commerce in the way You like to present Your booking website on Frontend

General configuration







Email template configuration is only available in the paid plan, if you are using any free plan then template configuration will not be there.




Once you activate the maintenance by clicking on the inactive button you will get the maintenance configuration as shown in the given image.





In the theme section, the admin can easily customize the store overview such as the footer and homepage.


How customer can book appointments online?

Patients need to visit on the specific site provided by the doctor or hospital. The homepage will look like the given image.



If customer wants to signup first and then want to schedule appointment so they can easily signup in just few steps.



Customers can sign in to their account with the credentials and also change the password by clicking on forget the password.


Scheduling Appointment

After login in to the account the customer can book their appoinmnet from the home page.


Checkout And Payment

Checkout page at the customer end where the customer needs to enter the billing details and select the payment mode.


Booking Confirmation

After clicking on the confirm appointment button request submitted Successfully page will appear.


All Bookings

Customers can easily check and view all the bookings in a single view.


Specific Booking.

Also can check the status of the particular booking by clicking on the view booking details link.



Thus, that’s all about Booking commerce.  If you have any issues, please feel free to write a mail to [email protected] and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.

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