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    Odoo Website Store Pickup


    Odoo Website Store Pickup: At your customer ease, provide them with an option of store pickup for delivery. This is an amazing new concept where vendors selling online and maintaining a physical store simultaneously, can allow their customers for delivery pickup directly from the store as per their ease. This module allows you to share store location on the website, accept or deny an order for products which are out of stock in a particular store location also display the custom message on the checkout page for products not available on the particular store. It is a very useful module as it shares your store location using google maps, also product stock can be managed easily and most importantly customers can collect their deliveries from the store directly.


    • Allow customers to take deliveries from the store directly.
    • Store pickup is another delivery method for your customers
    • Share your store locations for pick up delivery.
    • Admin can add multiple store option for pickup delivery.
    • Add default lead time for pick up the delivery.
    • Assign warehouse to every store individually.
    • Allow/deny an order for a product out of stock.
    • Display custom message for products out of stock in a particular store.


    The module configurations.

    Once module installed successfully, under website menu, click on the Webkul Website Addons>> Configuration for store pick up.
    Odoo Website Store Pickup

    Now, On Webkul Website Addons Setting page> define Default Pickup Settings. Select the type of default pickup lead time which can be either store lead time or product lead time. Then select an option to allow order which could be either allowing all orders or allowing orders on some defined condition.
    Odoo Website Store Pickup
    Odoo Website Store Pickup

    Create a store and add the store location

    Under Sales menu> Configuration> click on Products menu> Stores.Odoo Website Store Pickup
    To create a new store, click on the Create button. Now, define all the necessary information of the store like pickup lead time, Lead Time Unit (which could be in hours, days, weeks, months or years), Store Longitude and latitude location, etc. Odoo Website Store Pickup

    Delivery Methods

    Now, to create different store pickup locations, click on Sales menu> Under Configuration> Sales order> Delivery Methods> Click on the Create button. Odoo Website Store Pickup

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    Define all necessary details for the store pickup delivery method.

    Note: Don’t forget to enable ‘Use As Store Pickup‘ option to make a delivery method as store pickup location. Odoo Website Store Pickup

    Website Workflow

    While making an order on the payment page, select the desired delivery method as store pickup then from available stores select the desired store option. The information showing the selected store with corresponding lead time will appear. Odoo Website Store Pickup

    Now, define the desired Delivery date and also leave a message if required. Odoo Website Store Pickup

    Click on Pay Now to confirm the order.Odoo Website Store Pickup

    On the backend, the order with defined information will be created. Odoo Website Store Pickup
    Finally, a customer can pick the product from the desired store according to the defined delivery date.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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