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    Odoo Website Debranding


    When it comes to promoting your product the first name comes to your mind is Branding. Branding is something which increases the products’ reach to the customers. Some of the examples of Branding is McDonald’s, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Mi etc. Now, What is Debranding? Debranding is the process of de-corporatizing where a company removes its brand name and logo from its market collateral such as logo, website, packaging, and tagline. More precisely, Debranding refers to the removal of the brand logo from your company’s profile in order to make it more personal and less corporate. Let’s take a very famous example of Coca-Cola which opted the concept “debranding” as a strategic tactic to make the bond between its customers and products even stronger by printing the name of some common people instead of their own brand logo on the labels.

    Keeping this aspect in mind, Webkul has launched a new software Odoo Website Debranding / Odoo Website Unbranding helps in configuring the things like company logo, Favicon, Page Title etc and gives a new look to your website.


    • It gives the feature of removing the logo of “Odoo” from website Login Page.
    • It facilitates us with the feature of default placeholders from social media tags.
    • This module has the flexibility to remove “Odoo” favicon from website info page.
    • Taglines like “Powered by Odoo” text is also removed from Website Footer.
    • You can replace any “Odoo” text from Planner.


    If you want to remove Favicon, Title Brand, “Odoo” text for your company then just follow the workflow stated below.

    Simply follow the path Website>Settings>Odoo Branding. Change the relevant details in the fields. Replace the image and change the text for your company.


    So, if you want to implement debranding strategy implement it correctly to increase the sales figure of the company thus by increasing the profits of the company. As it is said that take the risk and enjoy the profits, debranding can generate some argumentative, positive or negative aspect of the company.

    Did you find this blog interesting? If yes then please keep in touch with us for more interesting business blogs. Do not forget to give your suggestions in the comment box below. Keep exploring and reading!

    For any further interrogation process, just raise a ticket at or you can ask your query by dropping an email at 


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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