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    Odoo Website Newsletter


    “You can’t sell anything, if you can’t tell anything”, following “Beth Comstock”, we have come up with this module which allows you to send newsletter to your valuable customers, tell them about the latest offers, new updates, also Send your best wishes on their birthdays, such newsletters connects them with you and acknowledge your services. The newsletter is considered to be a most inexpensive source of marketing which reaches the masses in a single click. Admin can send a newsletter or promotional emails easily by setting a cron scheduler, even festive offer emails can be created at a time and future date can be set to send them. Customers can subscribe to newsletter during sign up and can also register later. Customers can also unsubscribe it in a single click.


    • Send a newsletter to the subscribers
    • Customers can subscribe or unsubscribe from website homepage.
    • Customers can also subscribe to newsletter during sign up.
    • Newsletters can be sent on a future date.
    • Cron scheduler used to send emails automatically.
    • Record of newsletters sent per subscriber is maintained separately.
    • List of newsletters having different statuses can be seen easily.
    • Also, send “Thank you” mail for sign up using this module.


    Do the Newsletter module configurations.

    Once the module is installed successfully, click on the Website menu> Webkul Website Addons menu> configuration link. Then enable the desired newsletter settings like Automatic Email Scheduler, Send Signup Mail and Send Subscription Mail. Odoo Website Newsletter

    Odoo Website Newsletter

    Newsletter subscription on sign up page.

    The customer can subscribe to your newsletter during sign up by enabling the option ‘Do you want Subscribe Newsletter?Odoo Website Newsletter

    Another subscription option on your website homepage.

    Odoo Website Newsletter

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    Message notification after submitting for a subscription.

    Odoo Website Newsletter

    A Message notification on active subscription.

    Odoo Website Newsletter

    Message notification on an already active subscription.

    Odoo Website Newsletter

    Unsubscription option on your website homepage

    Odoo Website Newsletter

    List of newsletter

    Now, click on Newsletter menu> newsletter Setup menu to view the list of existing newsletters with respective state.Odoo Website Newsletter

    Detailed view of ‘Create’ Newsletter

    Click on the Create button to create the new newsletter with desired information. Here an admin can send a selected email template to the subscribers. Select the send date, it can be a future date. Admin can check the status( draft, confirmed, canceled or sent) of a newsletter. An Admin can reactive the canceled newsletter. Admin can also send a newsletter to the subscribers manually by clicking on the Send button.Odoo Website Newsletter

    List of subscribers

    Under newsletter menu> subscribers menu, where you can find the list of subscribers with respective subscription status. Apply filter to see active subscribers. Click on any subscriber to see his details for the newsletter sent.Odoo Website Newsletter

    Detailed view of a subscriber

    In a detailed view of a subscriber, you can find his subscription date, subscription status, email address and the newsletters sent so far.Odoo Website Newsletter


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - V8/ V9/ V10/ V11/ V12

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