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Odoo Backend Debranding


Backend simply means “Behind the scene”. Backend setting helps you with the functionality of your business. Want to do debrand your product company without investing much cost! it can be easily done by using backend settings. You can change logos, tagline, websites from the backend. Now the question arises how this can be done?

Voila! Webkul is offering you an impressive software Odoo Backend Debranding/ Odoo Backend Unbranding allows you to change or remove the logo, favicon, page title, and text from the backend. Moreover, you have the authority to configure all the settings on your own from the backend. Thus, helping the company to implement marketing strategy without the logo. After installing this module you can change the websites, favicon, logo, page title and even you can also replace the text of the text.


  • A user can replace Odoo’s default favicon and title from the backend with new ones of your choice.
  • You can replace Odoo’s logo from backend to your company’s logo.
  • This module also gives the flexibility of removing  “Powered By Odoo” from backend footer.
  • It provides us with the feature which removes “My Account” option from the user dropdown at the backend.
  • This module provides the flexibility to remove ‘Odoo’ from backend Web login layout.
  • Also, it allows us to remove “Odoo” form Settings i.e Apps store icon, Social share, Implementation, email templates.
  • It also removes “Odoo” from email templates and help and planners.
  • It exchanges “Odoo” from Dialog Box and Odoo Notifications.


Let’s review the backend flow and learn how to set the backend configuration to remove the logo, page title and text of the company.

For now, follow the process Website>Setting>Odoo Debranding. Fill all the relevant details according to your choice.


Debranding helps is promoting your company without any of the marketing strategies. Now very easily within a couple of moments, you can change the logo, text, and favicon of your companies brand.

Read this blog to explore the backend configuration of the module. This blog will surely help you in configuring your module from the backend. I hope this blog would be a knowledgeable blog for you. Keep on reading and exploring our company’s other business blog. I will keep on writing more interesting blogs. Thanks for giving your time.

In case of inquisition just raise a ticket at or just drop us an email at


Current Product Version - 1.0.1

Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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