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Odoo Website Ajax Login Sign-Up

Odoo website ajax login/sign-up module allows you to provide access to anonymous users to register themselves on your Odoo website. Users can easily login/sign-up without being redirected to any other page. This saves their time to hunt for the product page from where they were redirected to login/sign-up page. Ajax login with social integration makes it more user-friendly for the users to login/sign-up from their existing accounts, without creating a new account.


  • This module allows Ajax-Based Login/Sign-Up for the unregistered user.
  • It is fully integrated with social platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Odoo.
  • Unregistered users can easily login/sign-up using their existing accounts on above-mentioned networking sites.
  • When the user clicks on Login and Sign-Up the requested form appears in a very nice Ajax popup.
  • The OAuth supported feature will secure your website from any Login/Sign-Up threat.
  • On successfully Login with Facebook, Gmail or Odoo the user will redirects to the same page in place of redirecting the user to his back-panel account.
  • This module provides strong Validation on Email, the user can login with valid email address and password.


Configuration setup.

Under configurations > website settings, do the settings for web access. For web access you can allow unregistered users to sign up, there is an option for admin to allow social integration with Odoo website. Users can sign-in directly from their existing accounts. There are three options for social integration – Odoo, Facebook and Gmail. For Odoo user, admin doesn’t need to do any integration settings, for Facebook need to provide with the app ID and for Gmail client ID is required for social integration with Odoo website.

Ajax sign up form view.

The user can easily sign up even after having items in a cart without being redirected to any other page.

Ajax login form view.

Users can directly sign-in to the product page getting redirected to any other page. By default functionality of odoo website, you are directed to another page after sign in and it is quite annoying for the users to come back to the same product page where they were redirected.

Social-enabled sign-up form

Users can also sign up for other social networking sites. Here we have provided the option for odoo, Facebook and Gmail.

Social-enabled login form.

Users can login from their existing ID’s on social networking sites like odoo, Facebook and Gmail. In our another version we might come up with few more social integration options.


For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - ODOO 8,9,10

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