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    Odoo Shortcuts Keys

    Odoo is one of the highly efficient software to manage solutions like Ecommerce, ERP, Manufacturing, POS, etc. Currently, Odoo have more than 5 Million+ users worldwide. It helps you to manage every part of your business which makes it one-stop solution.

    Moreover, now Odoo has become 3x faster with the latest release of version 14.0. The best part about Odoo is that it is enhancing with each coming version and making it a perfect software.

    Along with the tremendous features Odoo also offers a rich as well as elegant interface. It is very user friendly and also comes up with the “Tour” features which helps you to guide about the solutions you are visiting. Hence, it makes the process easier for the Odoo users which makes it completely efficient software.

    Whether you are technical or non-technical person, everyone can use Odoo easily. There are few properties which can help you to compare the interface of any platform.


    • User Friendly
    • Elegant
    • Tour Property
    • System Compatible

    Odoo is elegant, user friendly, offers tour property and it is fully compatible with the windows/linux/mac etc. Moreover, it also follows the system property like Shortcuts. Shortcuts helps you to do any work in the fastest way possible. Hence, shortcuts are the proven ways to work efficiently.

    Shortcuts Keys in Odoo

    When it is about efficient working; how can Odoo miss it. Odoo has Shortkeys for its users to make the work efficient for them and makes it more user friendly. Hence, if you don’t want to use a mouse every time while working on something in Odoo then you have shortcut keys in Odoo which can help you to operate operations like create, edit, discard, etc. quickly

    Source: Unsplash

    Manage Shortcuts Available in Odoo

    Odoo provides shortcuts keys for windows/linux and Mac systems as well. In Mac system shortcuts are managed through Ctrl + Alt + Keys and in windows/linux it is managed through Alt key only.

    List of Odoo Shortcut Keys

    DescriptionWindows / LinuxMAC
    Odoo Record EditAlt + ‘A’Ctrl + Alt + ‘A’
    Odoo Previous BreadcrumbAlt + ‘B’Ctrl + Alt + ‘B’
    Odoo Record CreateAlt + ‘C’Ctrl + Alt + ‘C’
    chrome does not support ‘D’ access key –> go to address barAlt + ‘D’Ctrl + Alt + ‘D’
    chrome does not support ‘E’ access key –> go to address bar to search googleAlt + ‘E’Ctrl + Alt + ‘E’
    chrome does not support ‘F’ access key –> go to menuAlt + ‘F’Ctrl + Alt + ‘F’
    Vacant for Odoo other operation like in sale order task button, Go to websiteAlt + ‘G’Ctrl + Alt + ‘G’
    Odoo Home PageAlt + ‘H’Ctrl + Alt + ‘H’
    Odoo Discard ButtonAlt + ‘J’Ctrl + Alt + ‘J’
    Odoo Kanban ViewAlt + ‘K’Ctrl + Alt + ‘K’
    Odoo List ViewAlt + ‘L’Ctrl + Alt + ‘L’
    Odoo pager NextAlt + ‘N’Ctrl + Alt + ‘N’
    Odoo pager PreviousAlt + ‘P’Ctrl + Alt + ‘P’
    Odoo SearchAlt + ‘Q’Ctrl + Alt + ‘Q’
    Odoo Save RecordAlt + ‘S’Ctrl + Alt + ‘S’
    Odoo MenusAlt + {1-9}Ctrl + Alt + {1-9}

    Manage Keyboard Shortcuts for POS in Odoo

    Now, POS Cashiers can also work quickly to serve the customers quickly. Odoo POS Keyboard Shortcuts allows you to create and use shortcuts for your POS session in Odoo. The module helps you to deal with more customers in the lesser time and offer the 100% satisfaction to the customers.

    You can also refer the user guide of the module Odoo POS Keyboard Shortcuts.

    Make Quick Selection in Odoo

    Now you can easily make the quick selections in Odoo; all you need to do is hold the shift key and select the fields for quick process. Odoo Shift Key Selection module lets you select multiple consecutive rows in Odoo with just a click.

    You can also refer the user guide of the module Odoo Shift Key Selection.

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