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    Odoo 14 Roadmap- Expected Features in Community Edition

    The wait ends here; Presenting Odoo 14!

    Let’s see what it has for you…

    Odoo; simple yet effective software which has solutions for all your business problems. The more you will know Odoo; the more you will find it a perfect solution for your business. There are already notable features Odoo has till latest released Version 13.

    However, Odoo believes in polishing itself as it always astonishes everybody with its features in new version release everytime.

    Let’s have a look at the Journey of booming Features in Odoo till version 13

    • In 2005, there was the launch of Tiny ERP; which is the first release of Odoo
    • From the launch of version 5, its name turned into Open ERP till version 7. Additionally, it came up with improved web client and usability
    • ODOO 8 came with e-commerce which is one of the most popular modules.
    • With the launch of Odoo Version 9, it got split into different editions.
    • In 2017, ODOO 11 came up with wonder like ODOO Studio which helps to create the apps.
    • Odoo 12 came up with exceptions like Document Management, IoT-devices, multi-website, and much more.
    • However, E-learning became centre of attraction in Odoo 13;

    So, your wait to know the new expected features in Odoo 14 ends here;

    Expected Features in Odoo 14

    Odoo 14 has come up with several exciting features that can give a whole different direction to manage your business efficiently. Moreover, Odoo is now 3.5x Faster which ofcourse cannot go unheeded. Some of the important Odoo 14 Features are listed in this blog; let’s checkout how can your business get benefit from those.

    Newly Introduced Backend features

    1) Each Setting is explained with documentation in Odoo Version 14

    2) User can change access rights and record rules as well from model; after enabling developer mode

    3) If you require then you can Enable/Disable Cookies bar on Website

    4) Moreover, you can add analytics details and manage search engine optimization part from Odoo 14 Website Configuration.

    5) Enable/disable checkbox to make the signature necessary on delivery orders

    6) Additional Setting inside Inventory Model; that is to define when a PO should be validated

    7) Also, see User Friendly Category Filter(Left Side) in Apps section

    8) Also, check the Round Off option for timesheet

    9) Moreover, there are Added features for POS Inventory Management

    10) Also, check the SMS Button Mobile (Employee) UPDATED phone widget

    11) Added another button which keeps the total number of records; moreover, it helps to select all the records

    12) Generate Price List Action inside product listing

    13) Added Emoji widget

    14) Managing expence is crucial for a firm; hence, a New Dashboard is introduced for the same

    15) Newly introduced Odoo 14 feature to integrate Google & Microsoft(Office 365) Calendar

    16) Odoo 14 Roadmap has more options in the favourite section; hence, you can import records and add to google spreadsheet directly.

    17) Start Typing option in Many2one fields until user type anything

    18) You can also check the vendor delay report in Odoo 14 now.

    19) Graph view for Vendor On-time Delivery analysis

    Enhanced Security in Odoo 14

    20) Now, you can change your account password in Odoo 14

    21) Odoo 14 is also offering security control; hence, there is feature of two Factor Authentication

    Also, check the Barcode scan for the authentication

    22) Moreover, ReCaptcha option is also available now in Odoo 14

    23) Manage the reporting for the reserved quantities of the products in the Manufacturing Orders in Odoo 14

    Check the Forecasted reports of Manufacturing Orders in Odoo 14

    24) Check the record of vendor delivery time in purchase order in Odoo 14

    Live Broadcast Feature in Odoo 14

    25) Now, you can use video conference in Odoo 14

    Joined Meeting in Odoo 14

    26) Added Feature in Odoo 14 to easily configure the Live Broadcast

    Progressive Web App Feature in Odoo 14

    27) Now, you can see PWA option in your Odoo Website Event

    Here, you can see how Odoo Website Event PWA looks like

    You can add the name of your Odoo website’s Events PWA

    Introduced New Snippets for Odoo website

    Snippets make the Odoo website easy to use; so there are some necessary to mention snippets for Odoo website.

    New exciting snippets are added in Odoo 14 for website. Hence, you can customize the outlook of your website beautifully with simple drag and drop option. Whether it is about representative graph snippets or Masonry snippets; the new version has come up with several snippets.

    Lets have a look at some of the newly introduced snippets

    Introduced Big Boxes Snippets

    Added Masonry Snippets

    Showcase Snippets in Odoo Website

    Added Timeline Snippets

    Blog Posts Snippets

    Chart Title Snippets

    Images Wall Snippets for website in Odoo 14

    Media List Snippets

    Up Down Marker Snippets

    Google Map Snippet

    Dynamic Carousel and Products; along with that their is Recently Viewed Products snippets

    Search for a Product Snippet

    Event snippet

    Social Share Snippet

    Some More Important Odoo 14 Features

    1. Multi-website feature is enabled by default
    2. Sign Up Feature is included inside website setting
    3. Introduced Google Search Console
    4. Added Sitemap to Google
    5. Added Fleet Accounting to manage Accounting (Analyze vehicle costs with analytic accounting)
    6. Compare View Architecture feature for also maintaining versioning.

    Some Features of Odoo 14 Enterprise Edition

    1) Recommended fields for object in Odoo Studio

    2) Data Cleaning option available; so, you can avoid duplicity now

    3) You can directly create excel sheets from the module documents

    Also, Refer the screenshot to see how excel in Odoo 14 looks

    4) Moreover, you can also Integrate Github Repositories with Odoo 14

    5) You can set the approval rule for specific button to allow users to perform particular action

    6) The pre-defined user can perform the set action

    Odoo 14 to Experience Business Growth

    New features in Odoo 14 can help you to manage your businesses ideally. You can enhance more with further customization. So, Odoo 14 brings joy for users as well as developers to explore the upcoming opportunities.

    Webkul has a notable name in the market as we are continuously coming up with innovative modules for Odoo and other major e-commerce and ERP platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, etc over the span of 9 years.

    The new features in Odoo 14 present new opportunities to improve and make it better for our clients and users.

    Just Raise A Support Ticket Here to our Support Team with your queries so we can offer you the best possible solutions.

    Let’s Do it with Odoo!

    We Would Love to Hear From You!

    Hope you find the blog informative! Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

    Also, check our store page to go through our Odoo modules.

    Thanks for paying attention!!

    🙂 😊

    . . .

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