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    Odoo 13 New Features – What’s New in Community Version

    Updated On 5th Oct 2019

    Odoo 13 was released on 4th October 2019 and as with every previous version, there are a plethora of major and minor improvements, and new features in this build to buttress and improve the UI and functionality for the users.

    With an exhaustive list of new features in hand and possibly still extensible, it seems obligatory to list a few of Odoo 13 features for our readers.

    Odoo is celebrated as one of the most user-friendly and highly customizable ERP software for any small and medium business.

    The blog elucidates some of the notable new features in Odoo 13 and improvements over the existing ones.

    Sales Coupons & Promotions Module

    Promoting and providing discounts on your store is now easier because the earlier Odoo enterprise exclusive- ‘Sales Coupons and Promotions Module’ is now available for Odoo community version in Odoo 13 as a new feature.

    MRP Subcontracting

    More often than not, companies outsource manufacturing of a part or parts of the product to achieve desired standards. The new feature in Odoo 13 introduces subcontracting for BOM.

    Skill Management Module

    Built upon the existing employee module to enhance the workflow of the employee management in your organization with Odoo 13.

    The module allows you to manage Manage the skills, resume of your employees. Training sessions, etc. at one place.

    Website Form Builder

    Moved from enterprise to community, ‘Website Form Builder’ allows you to create Various website forms, which can be used for contact forms and also gather customer information.

    Product Videos on Website

    Presentable product information can lead to a higher Conversion rate on your website. Odoo 13 brings the new feature to add product video to the product pages on the Odoo website.

    Add product videos to the product page to provide more product information to the customers.

    Inventory Forecast

    The line chart shows the quantity vs time for different products.

    Just by looking at the chart you can see the quantity for various products at any given date and can get an idea for incoming and outgoing stock.

    Ribbon Widget

    The Ribbon Widget shows the status of the invoice as paid to the user.

    Calculator Widget

    The new calculator widget in Odoo 13 works for order lines on the sales order, purchase order, invoices, etc.

    It includes functionality to perform the arithmetic operations. For Example; the field- ‘Price’ would represent the total cost by summing up the individual inputs of the user. 

    New ‘Buy Now’ Button in Ecommerce

    ‘Well, it was about time.’

    Some might say, this was long overdue in Odoo. The ‘Buy Now’ button is one of the most awaited new features in Odoo 13. It takes you directly from the product page to the Checkout page with the product in the cart.

    Restrict available product categories in POS

    Other Features In Odoo 13

    • Print return shipping labels with FedEx.
    • PR has been approved for enabling lot serial number on invoice print report.
    • New Form builder in CE
    • Partner Map View
    • Login to POS UI as an employee instead of the user
    • Search panel in kanban view
    • Enable terms & conditions in Odoo eCommerce
    • Delivery method is now 🠆 Shipping Method
    • Scan employee badge to login
    • Signature Widget

    Odoo 13 For New Opportunities

    The appendment of functionalities and New features in Odoo 13 opens a new door for better design and customization options for users and developers.

    Are you thinking of bringing your store to Odoo 13 or migrating from an older version to Odoo 13?

    Send us your requirements and get the best solutions available in the market from our dedicated developers.

    Webkul is lauded for its niche in continuously coming up with new modules for Odoo and other major e-commerce and ERP platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, etc over the span 9 years.

    The new features in Odoo 13 present new opportunities to improve and make it better for our clients and users.

    Just Raise A Support Ticket Here to our Team with your queries so we can provide you with the feasible solutions.

    Fast, Simple and Effective Solutions for Your Software Needs!!

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