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Odoo SaaS Kit: A New Opportunity to Enter in ERP Industry

Updated 27 May 2024

Odoo SaaS Kit: A New Opportunity to Enter in ERP Industry

Odoo SaaS Kit has opened the door to do business in the ERP Industry. As we all know The ERP industry is witnessing remarkable growth in the market.

The open-source SaaS solutions have further raised the growth potential. They are providing several opportunities to expand the SaaS business. 

The digital transformation across businesses has opened new doors to Odoo’s On-Premise business. Additionally, the open-source market of ERP has created many opportunities in this area.

Introduction to Odoo:

Odoo is an Open-source ERP software in which the source code is available to the public. This unique feature allows the developers to customize the Odoo software.

Odoo has been experiencing rapid growth within the ERP industry. It has emerged as a significant player in the open-source market.

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Odoo offers 3 hosting options: Odoo Online,, and On-premise. The availability of On-premise hosting has presented the opportunity for SaaS business.

Building Your Odoo ERP Business

Did you know you can create your own ERP system like Odoo and even brand it with your name? Our Odoo SaaS module allows you to customize your ERP system in minutes.

The SaaS Kit will help you to make your own ERP and sell the Odoo SaaS module to your customers. You can design and customize the Odoo software according to your business requirements.

Also, check out our Odoo SaaS Kit Subscription module to manage payments. You can offer flexible subscription plans to your clients.

Building Your Odoo ERP Business

Introducing Odoo Saas Kit

This SaaS kit helps you to use the robust functionalities of Odoo as it allows you to use your custom module in your SaaS software. This Kit offers a wide range of customizable features.

This tool is designed to help you customize and sell Odoo SaaS features to your customers. With a few clicks, you can create your own ERP.

Overall, The SaaS Kit is a versatile and dynamic solution that can help you take your business to the next level.

Benefits: A Complete Odoo SaaS Business at Your Fingertips

  • Data Backup & Security: with the help of the Odoo Saas Kit Backup module, you can provide an extra layer of data protection.
  • No Need for Programming: After installing the module, you can start the Odoo as a Service. You do not need to create any database on your server, although you do not have to write any programming code.
  • Instant Launch: This Kit implements a ready-to-use structure to your database. Upon installing the module, you can start providing service to your clients.
  • Multi-Instance Deployment: You can create many instances on your database. You can give this instance to the customer for a specific period.
  • Self & Remote Server Deployment: You can deploy your instances on your server or a remote server.
  • Subdomain Masking: You can enhance brand recognition by assigning unique subdomains to each client’s instance.
  • Odoo Version Selection: This Kit allows you to offer clients the flexibility to choose their preferred version.
Benefits: A Complete Odoo SaaS Business at Your Fingertips

The Beauty of Odoo SaaS Kit: Become Odoo SaaS Seller

The SaaS Kit helps you to make a robust ERP solution preconfigured with your custom module. You can target your specific market according to the requirements and unique needs. 

Odoo SaaS Custom Plans modules enable you to create subscription structures. It allows you to sell Odoo with specific app selections or user limits.

You are about to provide a valuable service to your customers. With the help of the right tool, you can make your business more profitable.

Targeting Your Ideal Customer (Your Target Customers)

Now, you get an overview of the SaaS Kit Module and its features. It is crucial to figure out your target customers and give them all the information about the Odoo SaaS module.

To sell the Odoo SaaS instances, it is essential to present a scenario and propose the values of the SaaS ERP.

Target Audience 1: SaaS business owners and entrepreneurs

Suppose a business owner and entrepreneur is frustrated with managing many software licenses. It is challenging for them to manage their software with scalability in the business process.

You can introduce your Odoo SaaS module as the solution, allowing them to offer a custom Odoo ERP solution. You can explain to them that server management is optional for your business.

Tell them a story about business transformation without having the loss of data. You can convince how you can make a successful digital business transformation.

Target Audience 2: Established ERP Software Companies

You can provide a scenario for those who struggle with using a traditional ERP. You can make a presentation about the growing demand for cloud-based solutions.

Introduce the Odoo SaaS Module as a strategic tool that it will integrate into your business. This powerful tool integrates an Odoo ERP solution alongside your existing software.

You can also position your Odoo ERP by debranding and rebranding it in your ERP brand name as well.

You can expand your market reach and diversify your product portfolio. No complex development or instant access to the booming ERP market exists.

Ready to Become an ERP Hero?

Don’t let limited resources stop you from entering the booming ERP business. The Saas Kit equips you with the tools and functions to become a successful Odoo SaaS Seller.

Let’s explore how the Saas Kit can turn your expertise and a brilliant module into an ERP business. We have the Odoo SaaS Kit Trial module, that gives you free trial periods before experiencing any risk.


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If you still have any issues/queries regarding the module, then please raise a ticket at the UV Desk.

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