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    Odoo POS Table Management | Point Of Sale

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    The Odoo Point Of Sale(POS) Table Management module helps to manage floors and Tables inside POS conveniently and efficiently, which would improve your business productivity.


    • Enables creation of different floors and tables per POS session
    • Ability to configure multiple tables in a floor
    • Assigning table to the particular order
    • Table information is stored at back end for future reference


    Odoo POS Table Management Configuration

    Once the module POS Table Management is installed on Odoo, you would be required to configure it. The first thing would be required to do is to configure FLOOR PLANS.Here you can configure Floor(s) and Table(s) as per your requirement.
    Table conf 1

    Floor and Table Configuration

    To configure Floor,you need to to click on the CREATE button,and enter the details such as Point of Sale which is a mandatory field.Table(s) can be configured for each floor.To configure Tables, you can do it on the same page where floor is configured.
    Table conf 2

    Floor and Table Configuration Verification

    Now,once the Floor and Table has been configured for respective Point Of Sale, you can re-verify it by just going to respective POS configurations by following the path Point Of Sale>Configuration>Point of Sales
    Table conf 3

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    Table Allocation

    Once the configurations are completed,you can start the POS session and once POS loads you would see on the POS main screen that there is a button “No Table Selected” on the upper left hand top of the POS main screen
    Table conf 4

    Popup showing all the floors and the contained tables

    Once you click,button “No Table Selected”,you would receive a pop up wherein you can select the desired Floor and Table.Once its done, the selected table now gets visible on the button.

    Table 1

    Once the table is selected, you can proceed with placing the order for that particular table
    Table 2


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo 8

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