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    Odoo POS Register Invoice Payments

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    Basically, Invoice is a non-negotiable document which is issued by the seller to the customer related to the transactions.  If you are running a business, various transactions are done by your customers. It is necessary to process the transactions like invoice payments, digital receipts, reports etc quickly to maintain a proper record.

    To make the registration of transaction easier, Webkul has launched “Odoo POS Register Invoice Payments/Odoo POS Register Bill Of Sale Payments ” which allows you to register payments of a particular invoice at POS Interface. With the help of “Odoo POS Register Payments”, POS user has an option to view, unreconciled or register invoice payments in running Point Of Sale Session. This module is good for the scenario the seller wishes to register invoice payments at POS end.


    • A seller has permission to register invoice payment through outstanding credits.
    • A seller has the permission to register invoice payment manually.
    • A seller has the authority to unreconciled invoice payments.

    How does this work?

    Let’s have a quick peek on the workflow of the module

    In the beginning, place the order at POS cart and validate the payment, and further click on “View invoices” button and register the payments.

    After clicking on “View Invoices”, click on the “Payments” button to register payments for the particular invoice.

    If you want to register payments by using customer’s outstanding credit. A seller can select Outstanding Credits tab to register payments by using customer available Outstanding Credits. In order to use outstanding credit, simply click on “Add” button.

    Again to register the payments just click on “Register Payments” button.

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    Either you can register the payment by selecting any of the payment methods. Select the payment journal of your choice and register the payments.

    A seller can unreconcile payments just by clicking on “Unreconcile” button.

    Need Assistance?

    So, all POS users we have an easy solution for you which will make the task of registering payments for a particular order very easy. Odoo POS Register Invoice Payments will be a great solution for the POS Users to register their customer’s payments efficiently from POS interface.

    Thanks for reading the blog. Hope you must have got the idea how this module works. Stay in touch in touch with us for more blogs. For more information on POS add-ons

    For any kind of inquest, just raise a ticket at or also you can write us at


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V 11

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