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    Odoo Multi Channel Sale


    Importance of Selling Your Product Online-

    In today’s era, the most profitable way of doing business is placing it Online. It provides you an opportunity to manage your business from anywhere in the world. You can provide services to your customers 24*7, and ensure the fastest delivery which helps in improving client services. Also through the online business you can interact with your customer for the feedback of your product and based on their feedback you can define a strategy to enhance the sale of your product. Apart from that, the sale record and inventory can be managed efficiently in Online.
    Likewise, there are many benefits of being online so if still, you are running a retail store then its time to change and come to the online world.

    If you are selling your products on an E-commerce PLatform/Channel then there is no such boundary of distance and customers can purchase products from anywhere without in need to be coming to the shop itself. For a customer, it consumes less time and efforts as he just needs to visit the E-Commerce site, select the product of his choice and make the purchase instantly and thus this ease of shopping compels him to shop more from the online store.

    In addition to that if you want to increase the visibility of your products to the customers then it can be achieved by selling the same products on various marketplaces or E-commerce Platform. If you are managing your business on multiple channels/ e-commerce platforms then you can increase a good deal of approach of your customers. It helps in enhancing the sale. Selling on the multiple channels also enables you to focus on selected target markets. Its main motive is to provide a seamless experience to the customer, regardless of which channel they choose to use. Also, different channels provide various offers to its sellers for selling their product on the channels.

    In this way, managing business on multiple channels provides a great opportunity to the sellers for expanding the sale faster than expected. But there are some difficulties which one will face if he is selling products on multiple channels, some of them are mentioned below-
    1. A lot of time is spent in switching between different Channels and also it consumes financial resources in a larger amount.
    2. For managing a product on multiple platforms/channels, all the details related to the product like- stock availability, pricing, description of products etc must be updated accordingly on different channels.
    For example-If you are selling your product lets say “Tablet” across four different channels then you need to maintain the details of Tablet like Description, Price, Quantity etc on every channel.
    3-Maintaining a consistent brand image of a product across multichannel is also a big concern.
    4-Managing shipping services on different channels and keeping track of the inventory of the products on the different channel is also one of the hectic processes.

    Considering the issues which a seller may face while managing multiple E-commerce Platforms/Channels we have introduced a solution named Odoo Multichannel Sale Plugin.
    “Odoo is an all-in-one management software that covers all sorts of business operations, from project management, CRM, and HR to inventory control and omnichannel sales.” It itself is an E-commerce Platform and is also integrated with Point Of Sale.
    One of its features is CRM  “Customer Relationship Mangement”, it includes lead management, sales automation, marketing campaign management and business reporting features.
    In Multichannel it is very to important to track the sale activities, i.e to get a picture of the business at a glance, because Odoo is integrated with CRM so using our Odoo Multi-Channel Sale connector you can manage sale records, customers of different of E-commerce Platforms at a single place, which leads to improving the quantity of Sale.
    Also, in terms of inventory, it manages the real-time stock availability of multiple channels connected to it, which means that if a user will update any product quantity at Odoo end then at the same time it will reflect in the desired marketplaces connected to it. Similarly, if a sale order is made in any of the channel connected to Odoo and then accordingly the quantity of the product of that Sale Order will be updated at Odoo end.
    Therefore using Odoo Multi-Channel Sale you manage all of your marketplaces and/or E-commerce/Channels at a single place that is Odoo. It integrates different Channels such as Amazon, eBay, Woo-commerce, Cs-Cart, Prestashop etc with Odoo.
    So according to the feature of our plugin, we have implemented connectors for different E-commerce Platforms like- Amazon, eBay, Woo-commerce, Cs-Cart, Prestashop, Etsy, and Flipkart.
    Hence Odoo Multichannel Sale Plugin provides a simple but amazing interface for manage the sales of different Channels altogether.



    Product Management is an integral part of any business management process.

    Our connector provides features where you can manage all of your products from different channels from one single interface.

    With the help of our connector, you can import all the products from various e-commerce or marketplaces into Odoo.

    Also, you can export products from Odoo to various channels.

    It also allows update of products from Odoo to Channels/E-commerce or vice versa.

    For instance, if you change the description, price, or even name of any specific product in Odoo then you can update the corresponding product on  Marketplaces/E-commerce with just one click.

    It also enables you to download any update in price, name, description etc. from Marketplaces/E-commerce to Odoo as well.

    Thus it reduces the manual effort of updating the product information separately on each platform and keeps data centralized.

    With our connector, you can manage products of different channels in a single place with better efficiency.


    Customer Management is one of the most important aspects if you have any business whether offline or online.

    As per various research and surveys, it has been proven that the customer retention is the most important aspect of making any business successful.

    Our connector allows you to import customers from various Channels/E-commerce into Odoo.

    Once you have the customer you can use powerful CRM tools available within Odoo to promote your products, send newsletters and promote your business to the customers.

    With our connector, you can also keep a track of customer’s purchases made from various connected channels.


    The leading feature of this connector is that it allows you to manage sales orders placed at different Channels/E-commerce from a single interface in Odoo.

    It allows you to import orders from Channels/E-commerce into Odoo with their correct order status and update the order status back to the original channel where the order was placed in real-time.

    For this, you need to make few simple configuration and you can update the order status such as paid, delivered, canceled to connected channels.

    For example, an order was imported in “Draft”  state and is changed to “Shipped” in Odoo. Accordingly, this state will be updated to the corresponding channel from where it was imported as per configuration was done.

    In this way, our plugin makes order management an easy affair with orders from different Channels/E-Commerce.


    In order to gain the trust of customers, On-time delivery plays a major role as it leads to increase in sale.

    Odoo multi-channel sale provides a fully integrated shipping functionality which allows the user to import all the shipping methods from multiple channels to Odoo with a single click.

    Similarly, you can also export Shipping methods to the connected channels.


    Inventory Management plays a vital role in the industry.

    In order to avoid any loss or damage of product quantities, maintaining inventory properly leads to the smooth growth of a business.

    When it comes to managing inventories of multiple E-Commerce platforms then our plugin Odoo Multi-channel sale connector acts as a pillar of support.

    A user can synchronize the inventory quantities across sales channel in real time.

    It means that if a user will update any product quantity at Odoo end then at the same time it will reflect in the desired marketplace.

    Similarly, for any canceled or refunded order, inventory will automatically update at both ends.


    If the desired Channel/Market Place which you are using is not listed in our connectors then also with our plugin –

    Odoo Import Orders From CSV“, you can simply Import/Update data like Sale Orders, Products, Customers/Partners, and shipping methods through CSV file.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 0.1

    Supported Framework Version - 9 , 10 &11

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  • Fatima Tovar
    Quiero saber si puedo tener unos días de versión de prueba para ver si me es funcional el plug in. También quiero saber si es compatible con otras plataformas como mercadolibre o shopify. Gracias
    • Megha Joshi
      Hola fatima

      Según su consulta
      1- Quiero saber si puedo tener algunos días de la versión de prueba para ver si el complemento funciona. >> Le proporcionamos una demostración de nuestro módulo donde puede comprobar la funcionalidad y despejar todas sus dudas.

      2-También quiero saber si es compatible con otras plataformas como mercadolibre o shopify. >> Actualmente, no es compatible con estas dos plataformas, pero como también brindamos servicios de desarrollo personalizados, por lo tanto, según su necesidad, podemos personalizarlos.

      Así que simplemente envíenos un correo electrónico a, y estamos para ayudarlo.


      Hello Fatima,

      As per your query-
      1- I want to know if I can have a few days of the trial version to see if the plug in is functional. >> We provide a demo of our module where you can check the functionality and can clear all your doubts.

      2-I also want to know if it is compatible with other platforms such as mercadolibre or shopify. >> At present it is not compatible with these two platforms, but as we provide custom development services too, so based on your need we can customize for you.

      So just drop us a mail at, and we are there to assist you with.


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