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    Odoo Bridge for Opencart Multi Language Extension

    This guide describes the configuration and workflow for Odoo Bridge for Opencart Multi Language Extension.
    In order to know, how to set up the configuration of Opencart and Odoo, please refer to the User Guide for Opencart Odoo Connector.


    Managing Products in multiple languages on a Website puts the seller of the Products on certain advantages. Offering products to the customers in their native language helps them to understand the products in a better way which in turn increases the sales of the products and builds trust among customers. Managing Products in different languages also directly helps in increasing traffic to the Website and also builds brand recognition.

    Are you already using our Opencart Odoo Connector and also managing products in different languages? If yes then ‘Odoo Bridge for Opencart Multi Language Extension’ is the right choice for you to export products in multiple languages between Odoo and Opencart.


    1:- ‘Odoo Bridge for Opencart Multi Language Extension’ facilitates the bidirectional synchronization of product translations between Opencart and Odoo.

    Note:- The category translation is only available till Odoo V12. In Odoo V13, the category name field is no more translated.


    After downloading, you will get a zip file consisting of two modules for installation at Odoo end and one zip file which needs to be installed at Opencart end.

    a) Installation at Odoo end.

    1:- Place the modules ‘lang_bridge_skeleton’ and oob_extension_multilang modules inside Odoo addons which is available in the ‘Odoo Modules’ folder.

    2:-  Restart your Odoo server.

    3:- Now, open the Odoo and click on the setting menu. Here, click on the ‘Activate the developer mode by typing ‘debug’ after ‘web?’ in the URL. Then, open Apps Menu and click on the ‘Update Apps List’.

    4:- Search for the modules and then install the modules.

    b) Installation at Opencart end.

    1:- Upload admin, and catalog directories into your Opencart’s root directory.

    2:- After uploading directories, go to your browser run Opencart and login to the admin side. Then, Go to Extensions->Installer upload that file which is present under the OCMOD folder.

    3:- After uploading zip file goto Admin->Extensions->Modification. Then, refresh the content by clicking the upper right button.

    4:- Go to users>>users group and edit the desired group (especially admin) and then give access and modify permission to all the uploaded files.

    5:- Now in order to install the module, Navigate to Admin->Extensions->Extensions.


    1:- Language Mapping at Opencart end.

    To view the language mapping at Opencart end, navigate to ‘Odoo Mapping’ and then Select ‘Langauge’. As a result, the language mapping page will be opened.

    2:- Language Mapping at Odoo end.

    To view the Language Mapping at Odoo end, you need to navigate to ‘Eccom Odoo Bridge’ and go to ‘Mapping’ and then, select Language Mapping. As a result, the language mapping page will be opened.

    3:- Product Translation Export

    A) Product translation export from Opencart end.

    To export the translation of the products from the Opencart end, you need to navigate to ‘Odoo Mapping’ and then Select ‘Langauge Mapping’. Use the ‘Export Translation (Product)’ button in order to export the translations of the product from Opencart to Odoo.

    B) Product translation export from Odoo end

    a) Individual Product translation export from Odoo to Opencart

    In order to export the translation of individual products from Odoo to Opencart, Go to the Product catalog and then click on the ‘Action’ button. Select the ‘Synchronise to Ecommerce’ button and as a result, a pop-menu will be opened. Tick the Translation Synchronization option and then, select the ‘Synchronize Now’ button to export the product to Opencart end along with the translation.

    b) Bulk product translation export from Odoo to Opencart.

    In order to export the translation of all products available in Odoo at the same time. Open ‘Ecomm Odoo Bridge’ and then select ‘Bulk Synchronization’. Click on ‘Synchronize Products’ in order to export the translations of all the products along with their synchronization to the Opencart end.

    Need help?

    Hope you find this guide helpful! Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

    However, if you have any issues/queries regarding the module, please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Thanks for paying attention!!

    Current Product Version - 1.5

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V13 & Opencart 3.x.x.x

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