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    Odoo 13: E-learning Module

    E-Learning: Evolving Platform for Millenials to Study

    E-learning is rapidly turning as the face of education in the world of technology. Odoo as a single solution for all your business problems has come up with enhanced E-learning in the Odoo Version 13. 

    With the release of Odoo 13, E-learning has stolen the attention of Odoo Users as it is refreshing as never before. Earlier, E-learning in Odoo 12 was available as Slides Module which is revamped into E-learning Module.

    E-learning in Odoo 13 has already created a huge hustle among the Odoo Users because of several enhanced features. Now, you can create multiple courses and can add several lessons in each course. 

    ‘Karma Points’ are added to the module which means that you can set the reward points for the visitors for the action performed like adding a review, adding comments, voting slides, voting lessons and many more. It boosts up the interest of the users to the e-learning courses.

    Odoo 13 has come up with various amazing features and E-learning is one of them. You can read our blog to know the other features of Odoo 13.

    Added Features of E-learning in Odoo 13

    1. Introduced ‘Karma Points’ 
    2. See the Number of Views in Course
    3. You can add quizzes in each lesson
    4. Reward points for the quiz as per the number of attempts
    5. Enhanced Leaderboard
    6. Added Latest achievements
    7. You can add multiple lessons in each course

    Take your Pedagogy Practice to the next level!

    Nowadays, students do not prefer much to walk miles to study as it wastes their time as well as effort. Hence, taking your classes online will help you to gain an increased number of enrollments. You can evaluate students after each lesson by adding questions in the quiz section.

    Moreover, E-learning is an opportunity for people to carry forward their studies along with their jobs. Hence, you can study further without hampering your source of income.

    How does the E-learning Module work in Odoo 13?

    Create courses from E-learning in Odoo 13

    1. You need to add the name of the course and add the lessons to the course.
    2. You can add a description of the course
    3. Now, in the “Options tab” you can fill the form as per your requirements

    Define The ‘Karma Rules

    Here, you can define the reward points for a particular action. For example 5 points for review, 10 points for comments and so on.

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    Add Lessons to the Course

    You can add video, images and PDF file in a lesson. Moreover, you can add quiz too so that readers can examine their knowledge based on their lesson.

    Outlook of E-learning in Website Fronted

    1. Log in as an end-user and go to the course tab
    2. Here, you can see the enhanced dashboard
    3. The courses you have completed are marked as completed
    4. The courses are divided as My courses, Most popular courses and Newest courses
    5. You can see the leaderboard and latest achievement

    Refer The Video For More Functional Knowledge

    We Would Love to Hear From You!

    Hope you find the features of E-learning in Odoo 13 amazing! Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

    Also, check our store page to go through our other modules.

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    Thanks for paying attention!!

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