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    Convert your store into Shopify Multi Vendor Marketplace

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify: Insert Images to Description & FAQs

    In this documentation, we will quickly go through the process of inserting images to the descriptions & FAQs of your Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify store.

    This process will be the same for adding images to:

    • Product Description
    • Seller Description
    • Store Description
    • Shop FAQ
    • Advanced Seller Policy
    • Terms And Conditions
    • Customize Welcome Text

    By default, there is no way to add the images to the following spaces. Currently, we only support the video option here.

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify

    How to insert an image?

    For inserting images to the following spaces, you need to get the public URL which can be accessed from anywhere. Further, you need to enter that public URL into the source code.

    So, let’s see how. Firstly, click on the source code option:

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify

    This action will give you a pop-up. Here you need to enter the following code:

    <img src="path of image">
    multivendor marketplace for shopify


    You need to enter the public URL of the image in place of the text ‘path of image‘.


    If you want to upload a local image to these spaces, you first need to upload the resource/image to the Cloud like on CDN (Content Delivery Network), Dropbox, etc. Then you’ll be able to get the public URL for that image.

    Suppose you are using Dropbox as your file hosting service. The steps to get the public URL of an image uploaded to dropbox are:

    1. Go to your Dropbox Public folder.
    2. Upload your images into this folder.
    3. Click on an image and select Copy public link.
    4. Copy the public URL.

    Demo of inserting images:

    Let say, we want to upload the following image in the product description:

    So, now the code that we need to paste will be like this:

    <img src=”“>


    multivendor marketplace for shopify
    Editing Source Code
    multivendor marketplace for shopify
    Image showing in the description block (backend)


    multivendor marketplace for shopify

    You can follow the same steps to upload images to any of the spaces as mentioned above.

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