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    Migration From VirtueMart To Magento 2

    Introduction- Migration From VirtueMart To Magento 2

    If you are using an E-commerce website that is in the VirtueMart platform, then its time to upgrade to the Magento 2. All you need is Migration from VirtueMart To Magento2.

    However, first lets see what are both platforms all about-

    VirtueMart(initially known as mambo-phpShop) is a famous e-commerce solution which is open source. It is an extension of Joomla content management system (CMS). It is written in PHP and uses MySQL for database storage.

    Magento 2 is also an e-commerce content management system, for creating a website. It is also open source written in PHP.

    Product Type

    If your website is on an E-commerce platform then you must be dealing with multiple collections of products. There are multiple types which are support in Magento 2. The product types are-

    • Simple Products-These type of product
    • Virtual Products
    • Downloadable Products
    • Configurable Products
    • Bundled Products
    • Grouped Products

    However, if you are taking VirtueMart platform under consideration then the major product support is of Simple Products and the option for Downloadable Product.

    This makes the Virtuemart platform useful only for the small business owner. However, Magento is a must have for the owner of business whose is on large scale.

    Community Support

    Both the platforms are having great community support and provide regular updates. That keeps the user engaged on the website. The developers of both platforms work to enhance the functionality of the product.

    You can get free as well as a paid extension for both the platform. Delivered by a wide range of organization. So if your website needs something additional from that of what is in default.

    So you can easily choose an extension to fulfill the requirement of your business.

    However, with a high number of members, the Magento 2 forum remain much active as compared to the VirtueMart. Any issue on the platform could be promptly answered by the Magento2 community.

    The Magento 2 community is working day and night to build in the best features which are in rhythm with the latest technology.

    Third Party Module Integration Support

    Magento 2 is a more powerful platform when it comes to interaction with any third-party modules as compared to VirtueMart. There are multiple extension able on both the platform. But as stated above the Magento 2 is much more efficient.

    Magento 2 platform being more advanced then VirtueMart provides easy integration with third-party extensions. Multiple companies offer Magento 2 extensions to make the website usable for the business purpose.

    Thought Virtuemart is having the more simplified feature and design can be modified easily. However, Magento offers a much professional solution with a huge amount of customer purchase.

    Following are the third party extensions for your website-

    Magento 2- 


    Scalability and Performance

    Today leading companies are among the once opting for e-commerce. It needs to be efficient enough that has maximum functionalities and support.

    Magento provides third-party hardware support and varnish-like features to enhance the website performance. Magento 2 even have elastic search in its core functionality.

    However, the VirtueMart platform doesn’t have such support which makes the platform less efficient.

    So, the Magento 2 platform in comparison to VirtueMart is much more scalable and serves a better performance.

    Progressive Web App

    The PWA in today’s era is the most major part. They are the hybrid of the web app and a mobile app. It is the latest technique used by the major organization operating in the e-commerce world.

    PWA gives the features of universal access where the user need not bothe er about the browser. They can go for any browser to access your website.

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    Magento builds suites of tools for the creation of online stores as PWA(progressive web App). For them, it is the future of the web. Core Features of Magento’s PWA Studio are-

    • Personalize the content,
    • Uses only one code base, deployment, and app,
    • Enhanced user experience with excellent CMS Theming
    • Developers can now create a better prototype, easy debugging, receive feedback and increment in productivity.

    However, there is a bit lacking on the PWA part on the Virtuemart side. We can create an extension to achieve the functionality, but no such tool is provided directly by them as in case of Magento 2.

    The Virtuemart platform yet being an efficient and oldest platform in CMS. It is not getting much recognition due missing of adaption of such effective technology.

    API Support

    Magento uses both the latest API which is RESTful and GraphQL. The REST API is a structure that has a set of functions defined to which developers can request and receive the response.

    The Graph QL API can be used to implement the technique of Machine Learning which is implemented effectively in Magento.

    Whereas Virtuemart uses SOUP which is not more than a protocol and requires more bandwidth for its usage. The SOUP messages use the XML format to pass on the data.


    Both the Magento and Virtuemart platform uses PHP tools. But the features like composer are inbuilt in the Magento framework, whereas it is just for namesake in Virtuemart.

    The composer is meant to manage the PHP dependencies. In the composer.json the developers define dependencies, which are then handled by composer automatically. In addition, it can be used to manage the Magento extensions.

    However, in Joomla, it only serves the purpose of installation, without being part of the framework as in the case of Magento.

    Image Source- 

    Magento has a console utility that saves 1000 of cache and manages them. Whereas, such functionality is missing in Virtuemart.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    If you are running an e-commerce business the most vital feature here is Search Engine Optimization(SEO). All you need is a platform that makes the process easy and flawless.

    Magento is said to be one of the best platforms when it comes to managing and integrating the SEO. Right away from custom URLs to metadata, search analysis and Google integration, now you can discover what people are looking for and convert your store data accordingly.

    However, the VirtueMart platform needs the extensions to work the same way as in Magento. The business owner needs to purchase the right extension to help them with the process. This makes the process expensive and complicated.


    Magento framework has made its hashing algorithms (SHA-256) which are used in password management. It uses conventions that regulate the escaping of data in the output.

    The Magento platform, unlike VirtueMart, releases its modified patches very frequently. Thus, providing complete security with the latest technological changes.

    On the contrary VirtueMart platform releases are not that frequent, which make them less secure due to the frequent new type of attackers.


    Magento is said to be efficient enough to provide a detail report. That will help the store owner to analyze the behavior of the customer, products or product groups and other such information.

    On the other hand, Virtuemart lacks these feature directly, you need to add an extension to achieve the functionality.


    Hence, the Magento2 platform is much advance and serves a better purpose for the growth of the business as compare to VirtueMart. So its time to upgrade your store on VirtueMart to Magento. With the help of which you can earn maximized revenue at a dynamic rate.

    With the Magento2 platform, the store owner can get a website that is fully secure, can be easily managed, having better and advanced features and many more attractive funtionalities.

    That’s all for Migration From VirtueMart To Magento 2 still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better 

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