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    Images and Video Inside Facebook Dialog Box

    Updated 19 May 2017

    FaceBook Dialog Box: Hey Guys im back after a long time digging some API things ,this time FaceBook API and Google MAP API .Facbook API is really awesome thats why Facebook has tons of application So lets start ….

    Facbook Replaces Java Script Alert Box with Its dialog box which are really awesome and looks very cool specially the glassy transparent border.

    Simple Dialog Box:

    To write Simple Dialog box is very simple .Nothing special is here what you have to do is Just copy-paste the below code in your page

    Webkul Social Application Demo :: Sample Dialog Box

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    Media Inside FaceBook Dialog Box:

    Now its the time for Image Inside Dialog Box This is also very simple but there is a little trick .Place your content inside fb:dialog id=”ID_NAME” and call this id using html tag like input . Put your image in the fb:dialog-content tag .Whole sample Code is Given below

    Webkul Social Application Demo :: Sample Dialog Box

    The Working example of both the codes are here. for any quesries just drop a mail in my mailbox or just put a comment . Enjoy 🙂

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