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Mastering Product Export: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating CSV Export Profiles

Updated 11 August 2023

In a series of learning Akeneo, in this article, we will tell you about “How to Create CSV Export Profiles in Akeneo” for product export. 

Akeneo is open-source Product Information Management (PIM) system that enables businesses to centralize, manage, and enrich product information.

Webkul is the largest Akeneo solution provider in the world. We do have more than 50 modules available for different eCommerce, ERP, and Marketplace.

Akeneo Product Information Management

Let’s discuss the Akeneo CSV Export profiles.

Akeneo provides 17 different CSV Export profiles for exporting the data such as Product, Category, User, Channel, Currency, Attribute, Family, etc.

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Let’s discuss the basics of Product Information.

Attributes are the smallest entity of the products. Before creating attributes in Akeneo, the users must have to create the attribute group.

Attribute group export in CSV

In Akeneo, the user can create the Attribute Group Export. The attribute groups keep the attributes with similar characteristics.

Attribute Group in Akeneo

The user can run the export profile to export the Attribute groups from Akeneo.

Attribute Group Export profile

Attribute export in CSV

In Akeneo, the user can create 14 different types of attributes. The user can export the attributes separately.

Akeneo Attribute type

The user can use the already created export profile or they can create multiple new export profiles. They can select the “Attribute export in CSV” Job for creating the attribute export profile.

attribute export job in akeneo

Family export in CSV

A Family in Akeneo is a collection of attributes and Attribute sets. With the family, the user can create the products. It’s a template for creating products in Akeneo.

Akeneo Family

The user can create an export profile in Akeneo with the Job “Family export in CSV”. It will export the attribute family in a CSV file.

Akeneo Family Export

Category export in CSV

In Akeneo, the user can create multiple root categories. The user can assign the products to multiple categories.

Akeneo Categories

The user can create a categories export job using the “Category export in CSV”. After that, they can export the categories into a CSV file.

Akeneo category Export profile

Product export in CSV

In Akeneo, the user can create a Product Export profile to export the product information in a CSV file.

To know more about product export, please check our “Product Export in Akeneo” guide.

products in Akeneo

The user can create a Product Export profile with the export job “Product export in CSV“. The user can export the products after that into a CSV file.

Export product in Akeneo

Product model export in CSV

In Akeneo, the user can export the product models in the CSV file. The user can create product models in Akeneo by following our Akeneo Guide.

Product Models in Akeneo

To Export the product model, the user can create the export profile using Job “Product model export in CSV”.

variant export in csv

This is all about the eCommerce feature of PIM when you are managing the products for your website.

Similarly, the user can also create and manage these export profiles in Akeneo.

all csv export profiles in Akeneo


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