Magento POS(Point Of Sale) – Add/Manage Sales Person/Cashier

Adding a sales person to the POS system and assigning him an outlet is very easy. You can easily create any number of sales persons/cashiers. While creating a sales person/cashier you can assign him to any of the already created physical store outlets. Along with creating a user, you will also be able to create a login username and password for him so that he will be able to login to the Magento POS on the frontend to cater the customers.

Add/Manage Sales Person/Cashier –

To add a cashier, the admin will log in to the Magento POS system backend. After login, the admin will navigate to POS->Add/Manage Sales Person.

Here, the admin will click on the “Add/Manage Sales Person” that brings up the page to add a sales person as shown below in the snapshot.

Clicking the “Add Sales Person” button will bring up the page to add the sales person as shown below in the snapshot.

Here the admin will

  • Select the image for the sales person.
  • Enter the first name.
  • Enter the last name.
  • Enter the email address of the sales person(This will be login id for the sales person).
  • Enter the password(this will be the password for the login id above).
  • Set the sort order of the sales person.
  • Select the outlet for assigning to this cashier.
  • Select the status of the cashier as enabled or disabled.

After entering all the required details and clicking the save button will add the cashier as per the snapshot below.

That’s all for the Magento POS(Point Of Sale) – Add/Manage Sales Person/Cashier. Want to check a live demo – Magento POS.

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