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Magento Marketplace Split Cart

Updated 24 September 2016

By using this module, buyer can add multiple Seller’s products to their cart if Marketplace Split Cart is enabled by Admin. This module helps to checkout from multiple sellers but at a time only single seller’s checkout will be occurred.

This module is an add-on of Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed first Marketplace Module.

Features Of Magento Marketplace Split cart

  • Buyer can add multiple seller’s products to their cart.
  • Admin can enable / disable the Marketplace Split Cart option.
  • There will be different products from various sellers in the cart, but at the time of checkout, single seller’s checkout will be validated and other seller’s product will be in the cart only.
  • Easy to manage from Admin.

Installation Of Magento Marketplace Split cart

Installation of Marketplace Split Cart module is very easy. You just need to move app folder into Magento root folder.

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After moving both the folder flush the cache from magento admin module. Under system > cache management.

Language Translation For The Module

After the module installation, the user will unzip the folder and click on src folder. Inside that folder, you will find app folder. Click on the app folder and you will get locale and inside that you will find the language folder in English language as en_US. Now follow the same path and open the locale folder where you have installed the Magento Marketplace and go inside the locale folder and create a new folder and name with the language for which you want to convert your module content. Now edit the Webkul_Mpsplitcart.csv and then upload to your server inside the locale folder.

Before uploading the CSV file, open and edit it with the translated keywords. Please check the below image for the better understanding.

Configuration & Usage at Front End

Admin can Enable / Disable the Split Cart option. Under System > Marketplace Split Cart.

When buyer will add multiple seller’s products to their cart, front end page look like this screen shot.

At a time only single seller’s checkout will be validated.

Use Case Of Marketplace Split Cart

Split cart is an addon of Magento Marketplace. It helps the buyer to add multiple products of different sellers to his Cart and at the time of checkout the buyer has to proceed checkout differently for each seller or we can say the cart page will show different checkouts of different sellers.

Efficient way to manage ORDERS

The Split cart addon of Magento Marketplace will facilitate the order management system by this addon the generation of Invoices, Shipment, Credit memo can be managed separately which will be very much efficient for managing orders.

Hassle free SHIPPING

By this addon shipment can also be facilitated. Buyer can choose different shipping methods for different sellers. If in case buyer is ordering 3 products of different seller and one of those 3 product is very much important and the buyer need it urgently so he can easily choose express 1 day delivery for that product only and normal shipping for other products so that he don’t need to give extra cost for express shipping for those 2 products which are less important. Which will cause a saving of money to the buyer.

Clear PAYMENT options

By split cart addon payment option is very much benefited. It is very much helpful for buyer as well as admin too.

Using this addon buyer can choose from different payment options for different sellers. Like in case a seller is providing COD and other seller are not providing this payment option in that case buyer can select cod for that seller and other payment option for others.

The seller can also be benefited because he don’t need to use any other payment module because in cart the checkout is separated and work as normal single seller checkout.

Impressive DISCOUNT handling

Different seller gives different type of discounts to their buyers like discount coupons, credit points and many more. So those discounts can be easily processed at the cart page by the help of Split cart.

Effortless RETURNS

Split cart is very much beneficial at the time of returns. It is very easy for buyer as well as seller to workout returns efficiently. so if a buyer needs to return a product then he can easily place a return request to the store with the order number and as split cart generates different order number for different seller then the return request can be easily processed by the seller.

For any query or doubt Please add a ticket at

Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x,2.3.x, 2.4.x

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