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Magento Currency Converter

Updated 26 July 2023

The best way to offer shopping online is to have a currency converter ready to use on your Magento site. Magento currency converter converts the price of your store, based on the country in the real-time.

There is no need to set any variable or something else, just install the Magento currency converter module and enjoy its benefits.

The currency converter module helps you to understand how international currencies are traded, and the current rates, so that you can get the best exchange rate when you go to convert your money.

Or you can use Magento 2 GeoIP module, which automatically changes store view and currency based on the user’s location.

When people find something from your store that they like, they can immediately tap the price into the currency converter and work out how much it would be in their country.

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1. First download the Module.

2. Copy Or Install the files in their corresponding location in magento_root folder.

3 Now Go to System-> Cache Management flush all of cache Memory.

4 Enjoy.

To know more kindly follow the link:

Current Product Version - 1.0.1

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