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    Magento 2 Booking App

    Updated 12 May 2023


    Magento 2 Booking App is a great tool to covert your Booking and reservation website on Magento 2 platform to a native app which can be used anywhere and anytime.

    This will help the customer create dynamic booking and reservation like Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking. It limits the need to use the laptop/desktop, easing the customer.

    The app feature can prove to increase the sales of the store to provide high profitability in the store. The customer gets a user-friendly and enhanced user experience, which will increase the customer engagement over the application.

    The app proves to be highly successful where the customer urgently needs a service and is missing the time to look for the place to hire the service.

    Check a brief overview of the magento 2 booking app –

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    How to Manage Booking Mobile App

    For more information about the booking mobile app. You can visit the user guide of Magento 2 Mobile App Builder.

    How to Manage Booking And Product

    For more information about booking and products please visit the link Magento 2 Advance Booking and Reservation System 


    • Supports booking product, which can be booked right away from the application.
    • Display of Map of the location of the Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking.
    • The user can book multiple time slots for Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking.
    • Can view the booked orders in order history.
    • The application has user-friendly features like banner sliders, featured products, layered navigation and many more to enhance the user experience.

    To use this Magento 2 Booking App, you must install Webkul  Magento 2 Rental Appointment Hotel Event Booking & Reservation module first.


    The homepage of the application is the first page which user interacts with. That is the reason the homepage of our application is kept as very interactive.

    mockup-27      mockup

    Under this section, you can see the following feature of the app.

    • Category Carousel- This section is meant for the category to be displayed in an interactive manner which is a horizontal carousel. The products are attached to these categories.
    • Banner Slides: This a very beneficial section for both store owner and customers. As the admin can easily display the information required to be advertised. The information can be about the new offers, discount, new arrival, and other marketing details. The banners can be connected to any booking product or category.
    • Featured ProductsThis section showcases exclusive products in the form of a horizontal carousel slider. It is a gives app user an enhanced experience with its responsive nature.
    • New Products Carousel: It beautifully displays all the new products added to the store in a horizontal carousel slider with the Product Title and its Price.

    The search can be done here in by typing the keyword or thought Voice search. Which will then operate in 3 ways- Like, Full Text, and Combine. ‘Like’ finds the similarity between the keywords matching with product titles, whereas ‘Full Text’ exactly matches the keyword with the titles and ‘Combine’ is a mix of both.

    mockup-1         mockup-2

    Left Navigation Drawer

    The left Navigation Drawer initially contains Sign In and Register options. Post sign in the navigation drawer contains-

    • Dashboard
    • My Wishlist
    • Orders
    • Downloadable Products
    • Product Reviews
    • Address Book
    • Account Information
    • All Categories and Products
    • Compare Products
    • CMS Pages
    • Notifications
    mockup-3        mockup-4

    Sign Up/Sign In

    The customer can simply register in the app from Sign Up Option in the left navigation drawer. The registered user can receive multiple benefits from the app, which will make them easily book the products.They can enter the asked details on signup page like- First name, Last name, Email address, Password and Confirm Password.

    The customer can use the same Email address and Password to sign in to the app and take advantage of being a registered customer.

    mockup-5      mockup-6


    The dashboard section in the app contains personal data related to the customer. It is divided majorly into 3 sections, that is, My Address, My Order, and My Review.

    My Address

    This contains the information about the Default Billing Address, Default Shipping Address, and Additional Addresses of the customer.


    • Default Billing Address- The app user or customer can simply add the billing address and set it as default billing or shipping address. Here, the customer can add the address by clicking on location tracker icon for the auto-filling of the data.
    • Default Shipping Address-The app user or customer even add the shipping address where the products need to be shipped and set it as default billing or shipping address. Here also, the customer can add the address by clicking on location tracker icon for the auto-filling of the data.



    • My Orders- This section encompasses the information about the customer’s recent orders with details like, Order ID, Name of the product, Total Amount, Status of The Order, and a ‘Details’ button through which other details of orders are displayed.
    mockup-10    mockup-11
    • My Review- In this section the Review which is submitted by the customer on various products are visible.
    mockup-12    mockup-13

    My Wishlist

    This section gives the customer to add the products which they wish to buy in near future. This section is an exclusive section for the customer. With the help of this section, the customer is saved from the effort of searching the desired product again and again.

    mockup-14    mockup-15

    The customer can click on the wishlist icon on the product to add them to the wishlist.

    Account Information

    It allows the customer to update the account information details by filling up the fields like First name, Last name, with the option to change the Email and Password of the account.



    Notification is one of the most useful sections of the application, it is meant for the admin to convey any information to the customer with regard to deals, offers, etc, These can be either exclusive or generic to all customers. The customer can be highly helped by this feature as it can keep them informed about the happens of the store without the need of visiting the application’s various sections.


    All Categories And Products

    The feature permits to display all the products of the store, with their assigned and associated Sub-categories and Parent category in the mobile application too. That means, all the categories (Root category with their Sub- Categories) and all the booking products of the store owner which are displayed in the store, will also be shown in the MOBIKUL.

    Category View

    After clicking on left drawer, you can see the category page. Here you could see a banner along with the multiple products associated with the category. Also, you can filter the products and sort the products according to your needs.


    Product View

    The Page will display the Status of the product, Details of the product, Quantity selected and options for-

    • Add to cart
    • Add to Wishlist
    • Share Options
    • Add your Review
    • Choose Options

    On the product page, you can see the description, specifications, and reviews of the product.

    mockup-19      mockup-20

    The search feature present in the left navigation drawer serves the customer with the advantage of searching a product for booking via, Search Term and Advance Search.

    • Search Terms-This gives the facility to the customer to search according to the terms.


    • Advance search- Though this feature customer can search in an advanced format.This can be done by entering the Product name, SKU, Description, Short Description and Price range.
    mockup-21        mockup-22

    Compare Product

    Compare Products gives the customer the power to compare between two services of same nature render by the different organization, people, etc. It is a functionality which helps the customer to take up the correct choice as per their requirement.

    mockup-23        mockup-24

    CMS Pages

    You can also find a link to “CMS pages” in the left drawer, which is a set of introductory pages in the app. These pages are meant to make the customer familiar with the store owner and company.

    mockup-25      mockup-26

    My Bag

    All the booking product can be kept in a separate section known as My Bag. It is nothing but as we see in real life while shopping on the physical store we tend to by the products and add them to our shopping basket or shopping cart, similarly here we have got an online cart to serve the purpose.


    It gives us the detail of various product add to the Bag along with the option to add more product to the bag(via continue shopping), Update shopping bag, and empty shopping bag.

    It also provides options to apply discount quotes (if any) and to estimate the shipping and tax rates according to the customer’s location and shipping rates. The Grand Total amount will be shown along with a button to proceed towards the checkout.

    Checkout From The Bag

    The customer can now easily checkout in a few simple steps, via one-page checkout, with the desired product-

    • Select desired billing address for the purchase.
    • Select the desired payment method for finalizing the payment.


    • Finally, click on Place order to complete the checkout process.


    Type Of Booking Products

    The customer can create a booking and reservation for the different type of booking products.

    Appointment Booking

    The app users can book an appointment from the app as per the location. They need to ‘Select Date‘ and ‘Select Time‘ under Book an Appointment section.

    mockup-30-       mockup-31-

    The user can now click on ‘Add To Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ and can proceed to checkout. The checkout process will be the same as stated above in the checkout section.

    The booking can be seen by following the navigation as, Dashboard>My Orders.


    The app user can click on the particular order to view

    Event Booking

    The app users can book a ticket for an event or concert by checking the desirable venue and date. They can even contact the event coordinators. Enter the desired number of the ticket which needs to be booked.

    After this, the user can click on Add To Cart or Buy Now to proceed to the checkout process.

    mockup-33           mockup-34

    The customer can checkout by following the steps and accomplish the order.

    mockup-35      mockup-36

    The booked order will be visible in Dashboard>My Orders section, which will contain the details of the event ticket.


    Hotel Booking

    The app user can now book any hotel room from the app in a go. This can be done by filling the details under ‘Book A Room

    • Selecting the options for Room Type, Room View, Check-In Date, Check Out Date.
    • Enter the Number of Room, Number of Adults and kids in the Room.
    mockup-38    mockup-39

    Once all the fields are filled the app user can checkout as a normal product purchase through the one-page checkout process.

    mockup-40      mockup-41

    Once the checkout process is complete the app user can easily view order in My Order section with details of the booked room as per choice.


    Rental Booking

    The user can get products on rent as on the daily or hourly basis. The user can select date and time and the time slot. The quantity of the product can even be specified as per requirement.

    mockup-43          mockup-44

    After entering the desired details the user can add the product to the cart and proceed to checkout. The checkout process will be as explained and can be completed by clicking on ‘Place Order‘.

    mockup-45    mockup-46

    The user can check the rental order details in My Order section under Dashboard.


    Restaurant Table Booking

    Restaurant table booking can be done entering details regard to date, time, and number of guests from the mobile app. The user can add any special note or request.

    mockup-48        mockup-49  mockup-50       mockup-51

    The user can then pay for the complete the book via one-page checkout process and check the orders in My Order section.


    That’s all for the MOBIKUL still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 1.02

    Supported Framework Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x,2.3.x, 2.4.x

    . . .

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