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    Laravel eCommerce Pre Order

    Updated 26 September 2023

    Laravel eCommerce pre-order module comes with very attractive features through which the admin can easily allow their customers/guest users to pre-order the upcoming and also out of stock products. The customers can pay in advance either a complete or partial amount of the product’s price, once the product will be in stock they get their order delivered.


    • Laravel eCommerce preorder module is only supported by bagisto version 0.1.6 or greater.

    Features of Laravel eCommerce Pre Order

    • Customers can pre-order only out of stock products.
    • Module works with both simple and Configurable products.
    • This module also allows the admin to set a custom message to display on the preorder product page.
    • Admin can set preorder status.
    • The preorder module allows the customer to pay either a complete or partial payment.
    • The admin can set the custom percentage of the partial amount to pay for pre-ordering.
    • Guest users can also pre-order the out of stock product.
    • Multi-Lingual support / All language working also including RTL.
    • The code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need

    Installation of Laravel eCommerce Pre Order

    After purchasing the extension the customers will get a zip folder. “Unzip” the folder then merge “packages” folders into the project root directory.

    • Goto config/app.php file now add the following line under ‘providers’
    • Goto composer.json file inside the Bagisto root directory now add the following line under ‘psr-4’
    "Webkul\\PreOrder\\": "packages/Webkul/PreOrder/src"
    • Let’s go to config/concord.php file now add the following line under ‘modules’

    Next, Run these commands below to complete the setup in the bagisto root directory.

    composer dump-autoload
    php artisan migrate
    php artisan route:cache
    php artisan db:seed - - class=Webkul\\PreOrder\\Database\\Seeders\\DatabaseSeeder
    php artisan vendor:publish
    -> Press 0 then press enter to publish all assets and configurations

    Once the commands have executed successfully, you will see the Pre Order icon on the left-hand side in the menu bar as shown in the below image.

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    Laravel eCommerce Pre Order Configuration

    For Preorder configuration, the admin will be navigating to Configure>Preorder.


    General Settings

    Above you will get the settings to choose channel and locale.


    The fields below depicting [default] refers to settings of the default channel. The fields depicting [default-en] refers to the setting of the English locale.

    Let’s go through with the Configuration Settings one by one:


    Enable Preorder

    The admin can enable or disable the module.

    Preorder Type

    From the drop-down select how the customers will make the payment for pre-order – Complete Payment or Partial Payment.

    Preorder Percent

     Set the percentage amount of the product’s price. For e.g If the price of the product is $100 and Preorder Percent is 30 then the customer will need to pay $30 only for pre-order. (Only available for partial payment)

    Preorder Message

    The admin has an option to display a small message on the pre-order product page.

    Pre Order – Admin Management

    On the admin dashboard, click the Preorder icon which is there on the left-hand side to check on the features as available in the backend for admin.


    Now the admin can easily check all the pre-orders received also with the Order ID, Purchase Date, Product Name, Customer Name, Customer, Paid Amount, Remaining Amount, Preorder Type, Status, Email Sent information.

    Notify Customers Manually

    When the product will be in stock the admin can also easily notify the customer by sending them an email.

    By selecting the customer from the below list the admin can easily notify them about the product availability. The admin can also send the bulk email to the customers by using the filter feature.


    Please Note – If the invoice is not generated for the pre-order, the customer will not get the In-Stock notification. Therefore, the admin must create the invoice after receiving the pre-order payment.

    This is the sample of Product In-Stock Email Notification as shown in the below image.


    Pre Order – Product Management

    Thus admin will go to Catalog>Products>Add Product.
    While adding/editing any product the admin will find the below attributes.

    • Allow Preorder – From the drop-down, the admin will set the “Yes” or “No”.
    • Pre-Order Quantity –The admin can also define the allowed preorder product purchase limit for the customer.
    • Product Availability – Select the date of Product Availability.

    Pre Order – Product Page

    At the pre-order product page the customer will also see the various information about the pre-order :

    • Partial Payment Info
    • Preorder Message
    • Product Availability Date
    • Pre Order button

    Pre-Order For Configurable Product

    In the configurable product, the admin can set the Pre-Order Status as “Yes” for any of its associated products. Then the configurable product will also be shown below.


    Customer Placing Pre-Order

    While the customer placing pre-order there would be two cases are as follows :

    Case 1 – Complete Payment

    The customer can make the full payment including the shipping cost then place the order. Once the product comes back in stock, the customer will receive an email notification.

    Case 2 – Partial Payment

    In partial payment, the customer needs to pay some percentage of the product’s price with the shipping cost. Once the product comes back in stock, the customer receives an email notification for making the remaining payment.


    As per the above image, the customer will click on the Preorder button to add the product to the cart.

    The pre-order percentage shows that the customer has to pay 50% of the product price (Partial Payment).

    Shopping Cart

    Adding the product to the shopping cart, now the customer only needs to pay the $10 which is 50% of the product price ($20).


    Pre-Order Shipping Price

    In the case of Pre-Order, the customer will pay the shipping price only one time.


    Once the customer’s order is placed, the customer can also check their order information from the My Accounts>Orders section.

    Also, if want to display an order success message with their order ID on the checkout page to your customers, then you can check the Laravel Ecommerce Order Checkout AI Message.


    Registered Customer – Completing Pre-Order

    Product In-Stock Email Notification

    An email notification will be sent to the customer for completing the preorder, Once the product will be in-stock.


    After clicking the link in the email, the customer order page will open to. Here, the customer will see the ‘Complete Preorder‘ button as shown in the below image.


    Pay Remaining Amount

    The remaining amount will be added to the shopping cart when the customer will click on the Complete Preorder button.

    Note** Now the customer no need to pay the shipping price again.


    Remaining Amount Paid

    Once the remaining amount is paid for the pre-order product, the customer can also see the second-order information from My Account>Orders.


    If the item is out of Stock and invoice is generated then this button will be visible as shown below:-


    Guest Users – Pre Order Management

    Guest users can also pre-order the product from the website even without logging into the store. They can easily add the product to the cart.


    Guest User – Order Placed

    Now the guest users will select the payment, shipping method to place the order. The order ID will be created for guest users as well. The guest users can also check the pre-order details using their email address.


    Pre-Order List of Guest user

    The admin can also check the pre-orders details of the guest users as well by clicking on the Order ID.


    Email notification of products for Guest user

    Whenever the product will be in-stock, the guest user will get an email notification for completing the preorder by paying the remaining amount.


    Completing Pre Order for Guest User

    By clicking on the link shown in the email, the guest user will be redirected to the order information page for completing their preorder.


    Here the guest user can also check that the remaining amount to pay for completing the preorder is added on their shopping cart page.


    Successfully filling the order information, the guest user will also need to select the payment method then placed the order.

    That’s all for Laravel eCommerce Pre Order, still, if you have any issue feel free to add a ticket and also let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 1.2.0

    Supported Framework Version - Bagisto v1.2.0

    Blog Version - Bagisto v1.2.0
    • Version Bagisto v1.2.0
    • Version 0.1.6
    . . .

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