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Introduction to the Google Page Experience Update

Updated 1 December 2022

In the world of e-commerce, search engine ranking plays a vital role. It brings a huge impact on the sales conversion ratio for any e-commerce store. Thus, Google Page Experience Update has become a priority for e-commerce businesses.

With the SEO technique, websites enhance the traffic on their pages by bringing organic search results. Visit and read the complete article to learn the basic Magento 2 SEO checklist.

Now, Google has come up with an excellent update to improve SEO performance. Yes, it is Google Page Experience Update which arrived in May 2021.

Undoubtedly, it adds new labels to the search results. Google page experience update is aiming to highlight the search results that have yielded a great page experience.

Introduction to the Google’s New Algorithm

The COVID-19 pandemic has made most online businesses go one step forward. Consequently, it has constructively forced them to set their valid positions, in this great era of the mighty internet.

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With great power comes great responsibilities and each business can relate it, with the user experience cum satisfaction.


And that’s exactly where Google’s new update – Google Page Experience Update, seems to be a beneficial one. 

As the name suggests, this brand new Google algorithm heavily relies on and for, the all-around user experience while surfing the world wide web.

Google itself stated and here we quote:

Page experience is a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure informational value.

Now what it means is that some set of signals will measure the key aspects of the user, to provide an understanding of human-web interactions.

These factors are then optimized to make an interactive and hassle-free environment across all the web platforms. Further, the Google Page Experience Update will help the websites to meet user expectations, with the evolving times.

Google Page Experience Update will Measure Core Web Vitals

The algorithm will consist of Core Vitals plus the set metrics of signals that measure real-world user experience for the page :

Loading performance

It will measure the time that a page takes in loading the contents. Optimization of images is important to speed up your online store performance.


Google page update experience will largely focus on human-web interactions. Consequently, this will enhance the frontend performance and speed of your website.

Visual Stability

The content on the pages must have visual stability. For example, while loading the pages, buttons or clickable parts do not shift to other positions. As this will mislead the user to tap on the wrong place.

Mobile Friendliness

To bring a hassle-free user experience the websites must have mobile-friendliness.


Safe Browsing

Google safe browsing would be a must to protect users from phishing content or malware or any other potential harm.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is an encrypted communication protocol. It aims to facilitate secure communication over a computer network.

Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines

Unnecessary pop-ups are annoying and can completely ruin the user experience. Interstitials must adhere to Google’s guidelines. This will be a key factor in the Google page experience update.

These core vitals will feed into Google page experience updates to enable them to judge page quality and user experience.

Henceforth, the sole purpose is to generate a ranked selection of websites, which does not irritate humans and give them a positive cum delightful experience. And of course, it’s a new big thing, it is going to affect the prolonged site ranking system.

Grow Your Business with Google Page Experience Update


Before moving forward, let’s stop for a while and think, why is this update so necessary?

Well, let’s start with a basic example.

Suppose we need to buy some clothes. Our intuitive minds directly lookup for the brands and so does the SEO ranking system.

By doing that, the small businesses get stuck and therefore suffer in the organic search results and that is what Google knows too. Therefore, it came forward with a bigger hand by introducing this algorithm. 

Are You Ready To Go with Google Page Experience Update?

If you want to grow your business to the top-notch or you want to maintain the top ranking of your sites. Make sure, your website is ready with these core vitals before the Google page experience update comes into play.

Consequently, make all the improvements you might need to make your website compatible with Google page experience updates.

However, the visual indicator that Google has announced will make the SEOs a bigger speaker. Consequently, companies must pay more attention to Core Web Vitals and other experience signals.

Websites need to prioritize the user experience factor to increase the ranking of their sites. Also, Google has announced the visual indicator which is meant to draw attention to the core web vitals and other experience signals.

Go Ahead of the Game

For any e-commerce platform, SEO is necessary to bring quality and quantity traffic to the websites. Specifically talking about Magento 2, has many configurable default SEO features to grow the traffic to online stores.

Also, they help to bring potential customers and to generate revenues. Magento 2 SEO settings focus on improving user experience. 

However, default SEO features have many limitations that prohibit you to facilitate all the necessary functionalities.

Here, you can equip your Magento store with advanced SEO features and enough necessary functions by using Webkul’s Magento 2 SEO Extension.

This module includes all the necessary features to make your website SEO friendly.

Also, this module will help your Magento store to gain a considerable rise in SEO ranking. It will not only enhance the user’s page experience but also it will bring a significant change in your sales conversion ratio.

Thus, Magento 2 SEO Extension equips you with various tools and options to improve your page experience and customer engagement.

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