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    How to Install Dataset in Akeneo?

    Updated 4 December 2017

    Akeneo is powerful Product Information management System. You can know more about Akeneo from Akeneo site.

    For installing Akeneo you can check these links

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    After installing Akeneo, you can add datasets in the Akeneo database. Akeneo also provides its own default dataset.

    Follow these steps to Add datasets in Akeneo database

    Step: 1

    Before installing datasets you need Elasticsearch to be running.

    Check Elasticsearch status by

    sudo service elasticsearch status

    if elasticsearch is running, then you can proceed to next step.

    Otherwise, start elasticsearch service by

    sudo service elasticsearch start

    Step 2:

    Add the following to app/config.yml

    # app/config/parameters.yml
        database_driver: pdo_mysql
        database_host: localhost
        database_port: null
        database_name: db
        database_user: user
        database_password: pass
        locale: en
        secret: ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt
        index_hosts: 'localhost: 9200' #for elaticsearch
        installer_data: 'PimInstallerBundle:icecat_demo_dev'

    If you want just empty dataset then use:

    # app/config/parameters.yml
        installer_data: 'PimInstallerBundle:minimal'

    Step 3:

    Run command

    php bin/console pim:installer:db --env=prod

    That’s it. For more information about customized datasets visit the Official doc.


    You may face these problems if Akeneo dataset is not installed or elasticsearch is not running:

    1. Product page not loading in akeneo.
    2. Fatal Error: Table pim.pim_session doesn’t exist
    3. Error: No alive nodes found



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