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    How to setup Akeneo V2 with PHP7.1

    We already have an article related to What is Akeneo and how can we set up with Ubuntu14.04.2 and php7? 

    In this article, we are going to setup Akeneo v2. We can install Akeneo using 2 ways, using Docker or using manual installation. Here, we use manual

    Ubuntu          16.04

    Apache2        ≥ 2.4

    Php                7.1

    Mysql            5.7

    My Installation directory is  /var/www/akeneo

    Install all necessary packages(LAMP and php extensions)

    Install Elastic Search (5.5+)

    Notes related to Elastic Search installation
    1. Elastic should be installed/ running else tables will not create properly and setup will not work.
    2. If memory issue is coming then we need to create/ increase swap memory (in case of low memory).
    3. If you are facing some kind of issue at time of installation (apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless) then you can try this link to install java

    Php configuration
    Configure timezone and memory limit  in  /etc/php/7.1/cli/php.ini

    Database configuration

    Install Node

    Install Yarn

    Now our system is ready to setup Akeneo.

    Install Akeneo Community Edition

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    Virtual Host configuration

    Rewrite apache module and restart apache service.

    Make host entry in /etc/hosts

    Open pim.pim (Your website) in the browser. If you see this page then you have successfully installed Akeneo.


    Log in using username “admin” and password “admin” and explore Akeneo. If you have any doubts regarding installation, you can ask me in the comment.


    Resources: All documents are available at Akeneo doc site.

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