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Importance of Restaurant Table Management for Shopify

Updated 2 January 2023

This article will help you to know the importance and the features of Restaurant Table Management for Shopify, kindly read the article to the end.

The growth of online business is not stopped by the selling of products and services over the internet. online food delivery also becomes an online business part and it covers a large area in the market, most of us as customers like to book online tables for the occasion which can be a normal get-together, birthdays, anniversaries and so on.


The restaurant business is changing quickly. If you don’t have help or experience, managing a restaurant comes with both long-term and short-term issues that will drain you.

Nowadays once you visit a restaurant or any other food court you will see a barcode and that barcode will work as the digital menu card. So you as the customer need to scan that barcode from your smart device to access the menu and also you can place the order on your own from the smart device.

Innovation and technology are completely changing how we operate restaurants, and when utilised properly, restaurant management software is a surefire way to guarantee a restaurant’s success.

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Why Restaurant Table Management Software is important

Restaurant table management is the tool or the app that manages the restaurant activities it can be the allocation of tables, billing of customer orders and so on.

Running a restaurant is not an easy task as it includes so many activities and managing such activities needs a separate workforce to achieve that

The restaurant table management improves the following Strengthen Customer Relations, Monitoring Sales, Automated Analysis, Employee Contentment, Error reduction, Improved Productivity, and Use of Human Resources Effectively.

Introduction of Restaurant Table Management Application

Webkul introduces an interesting app for managing the restaurant table for the Shopify platform, which allows you to manage and add products according to the table allocation and once the customer has done and asks for the bill the staff can easily proceed with the billing on the POS as our app support the Shopify POS.

To know the installation of our module then do check this link.

Some hot features of our Restaurant Table Management App.

Back-end features

  • Easily access of order list
    Restaurant table management application, Admin or the user can easily access the order list or you can say the history of orders from the backend panel that is Shopify stores.
    The app allows the user to view the particular order details from the view tab.
  • Easy to manage the table floor-wise:
    The admin can easily Create different floors as per the restaurant size and create the table as per the availability of the tables and table size.
    The owner of the table also assigns the tables the respective floor and to the customer also as per the demand.
  • Manually add or delete the table:
    Yes, the process of adding the table and removing the table is manual process, owners can perform this on their own without any restrictions.

POS Features

  • Assign a table to the customer:
    The user or the employee can easily assign the table to the specific customer via the POS system. which really helps in managing the table allocation to the customer. The table management system also allows the user to add the product to a specific table so that does not make any confusion or miss calculation during the billing.
  • Add the product:
    As this application supports the POS, after assigning the table to the customer then as per the customer’s order user or the admin can enter the products of the restaurant.
  • Checkout with the product:
    This application allows users or admins to checkout with the customer-ordered product via POS during the billing. This application will give you the correct calculation with the time-saving feature.
  • Check the table availability:
    With the use of an application, you can easily check the vacant and assigned table in the restaurant. which makes the process of assigning table easy and fast.


Thus, that’s all about the importance of Restaurant Table Management for Shopify If you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket to [email protected] and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System

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