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Restaurant Table Management App for Shopify

Updated 22 March 2023

Here we are with our brand new Restaurant Table Management App for Shopify, to manage your tables, orders, assigning of the tables and so much more in the restaurant in a much-sorted way in coordination with POS.

The App is compatible with Shopify POS Pro

Let’s get started with its workflow.


  • Statistics Management.
  • Restaurants Order Management.
  • Table Management.
  • Organized workflow
  • Visible availability of tables.
  • POS compatible.

Check the below video of the Restaurant Table Management app for the shopify:



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To install the app click here, enter your Shopify URL, and then click on the install button to proceed.




After the installation, the app will be visible in your app section of the Shopify backend.
Clicking on it you will be redirected to the home page of the app.

Further, this page shows the statistics related to the restaurant, its total orders, recent orders, and much more.


This section will show you all the details regarding the orders like order id, order status, the total amount of the order, and assigned tables. You can also search for the order from the list of orders given.


Clicking on view details for the order you will be redirected to Shopify’s order detail page.

Clicking on Finish order, a popup will appear confirming whether to finish the order or not.


Once you will click on proceed, the order will be finished and the status will change from pending to finished.


Pending Cart

This section displays the list of pending carts. Pending cart details are extremely helpful in knowing the details of the pending cart like date, and details of tables assigned. Moreover, you can also update the quantity of the assigned table.


Clicking on unassign tables button, a popup will appear confirming whether to unassign the table or not. The table will be available again.


clicking on assigned products, you will get a popup to update the quantity of the products.


Table Management

From the table management section, you can do everything related to the management of tables at your restaurant. So, Right from adding floors to adding a number of tables, the capacity of guests, and maintaining their status. You can anytime remove or activate the added floors

Add floor


Clicking on add floors, firstly you will be asked to enter the name of the floor.
Mention the name and click on the floor to proceed further.


Once the floors are added, you can see them on the list of table management section and click on manage floors to add the number of tables and other details for that floor.


Clicking on manage tables, you will be redirected to the page from where you can add the tables, view the table listing, update the table details, and search the tables for any floor.

Clicking on add table button, you will have to add the table by giving it a number, name, position, specialty if any, and save,


That was all from the Shopify backend, now let’s see the workflow of POS of actually assigning the tables.


With the All-New Shopify POS, using the POS Restaurant Table Management app for Shopify, you can reward your loyal customers once they make online & in-store purchases.

For that, you need to add the App to the menu in your Shopify POS Pro using the steps shown in the screenshots:-

add title
Add Title

POS pro

assign table
Assign Table

Now, click on the assign table button to assign the table.


From this section, the floors can be selected and according to the floor, the vacant tables and assigned tables will be listed.


Selecting a vacant table you can add the customer details to whom you want to assign the table.


Moreover, after clicking on add customer details, a popup will appear where you need to enter the customer details.


As soon as you click on assign table, you will be shifted to the assign table section.


Once you Click on add item button, you can add the products for the customers that they would like to be served to.


The added items will be listed here. Moreover, you can also update the quantity and remove the item from here.

After adding the items, you need to click on proceed to checkout button.


Once the checkout is complete, the order will be visible in the order section of the admin app.


Once you click here you can unassign the table. After this the table will again be vacant and available.


Shopify Restaurant Table Management App: demo

Moreover, use the below-given link to have the demo of this app:


For any kind of support/Consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected]

Thanks For reading this blog!!! 🙂

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