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    How to use javascript in magento2

    Updated 20 February 2024

    Here we learn how to use javascript in magento2

    1# First we will create requirejs-config.js file in folder app/code/NameSpace/Module/view/frontend

     * @author      Webkul Software Private Limited
    var config = {
        map: {
            '*': {
                customjs: 'NameSpace_ModuleName/js/customjsfile'
                // 'js/customjsfile' is path of javascript file in your module in web folder
                /* Here you can add multiple mapping 
                 * of javascript file separated by comma ( , )*/

    In case of add js file in admin section  you need to create this above file in app/code/NameSpace/Module/view/adminhtml folder

    2# Now i’ll create javascript file which i want to use

    create ‘customjsfile.js’ file in app/code/NameSpace/Module/view/frontend/web/js

     * @author Webkul Software Private Limited
    ], function($) {
        "use strict";
        $.widget('modulename.customname', {
            _create: function() {
                var yourData = this.options;
                /*this.options contaion all variables which you pass in it for
                 use in your javascript code */
                // here you can write your javascript code as your requirement
        return $.modulename.customname;

    3# Now we’ll call this javascript file on phtml file.

    add following code in our phtml file where we want to use javascript

    <script type="text/x-magento-init">
            "body" : {
                 "customjs": // customjs name as we map in our requirejs-config.js file
                            /* variables which we want to use in our javascript code*/
                            "yourvar1": "<?php echo $yourvar1 ?>", 
                            "yourvar2" : "<?php echo $yourvar2 ?>"

    after these steps flush cache and check your page where you add this javascript .

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