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    How to start an eCommerce Marketplace in Cambodia?

    Here we will discuss about how to start eCommerce Marketplace in Cambodia. As, The e-commerce section in Cambodia has now reached quiet a high and is working on it’s way through global market.

    With the help of this many multi vendors have found an opportunity grabbing which they achieved a next high end growth and enormous amount of customers.

    eCommerce Marketplace

    According to a report the eCommerce section in Cambodia has generated the revenue of US$ 222mn in 2021

    Because of increase in the credit the eCommerce industry is now having major hits than before. It is now visible in mCommerce for the outreach spectrum of the marketplace.

    Let’s discuss about the major leaders of the Cambodian marketplace before diving deep for the further details.

    These are top eCommerce Marketplace in Cambodia.

    If you are planning to start your online venture then these are some of the top platforms to root for.

    In order to be one of the best calling players in eCommerce you can follow this above online marketplace in Cambodia.

    Once you figured out about your competitors, then arises the main question which is “what are the requirement to start the eCommerce Marketplace?

    Starting an e-Commerce Marketplace in Cambodia

    These are some of the requirement for you in order to be able to start your eCommerce marketplace.

    • Hosting- These are some of the best cloud based hosting services which you can use in order to proceed towards achieving your goal.

    If requirement arises of the cloud support team, then feel free to connect with Webkul they offers best support.

    • Domain – In order to claim online space you need to register your domain with the unique name. And this unique name can be used by the eCommerce on both the website and email as well.
    • Inventory Management – The most crucial part of eCommerce is stock management when it is the matter of setting up a marketplace. It requires massive space in managing stock of goods and services. Which means it is the biggest challenge in terms of online marketplace to manage the records of inventory depleting and increasing.
    • Payment – As we know that now everything requires online transaction for eCommerce marketplace even customer needs online payment methods in order to pay for their order. And to fulfill customer needs for payment options we need to have multi payment option so that customer can chose any payment option according to them.
    • Shipping – Any service in marketplace is only success after successful deliverance of the purchase order of the customer. To achieve this you need to have multiple shipping options in your eCommerce marketplace.

    One need to consider these points, It does not matter if you reside or are willing to start your eCommerce marketplace in Cambodia, or any other countries. These are all same everywhere.

    If you are looking for an advanced marketplace. You can go through Webkul. They provide all in one solution.

    Important Consideration for eCommerce Marketplace in Cambodia

    Moreover, here are some important core considerations that you must need to take care of while starting an e-commerce marketplace in Cambodia. Let’s discuss each one of them.

    If you are planning to start your eCommerce business in Cambodia then, You need to register your business MoC, and meet the minimum criteria in terms of capitals and tax for starting your business.
    After getting the MoC certificate from ministry you will have to register for GDT for tax patent and VAT certificate within 15 days of receiving your MoC certificate.

    TAX Structure in Cambodia

    In Cambodia the Taxation is quite complicated. So, For starting your online eCommerce business in Cambodia you need to understand the Taxation system.

    Tax Structure

    Taxation depends largely on whether a product should be considered a good, a service, or a copyright license.

    Corporate Tax

    The standard corporate tax rate in Cambodia – 20%.

    Oil and gas, and a business of mineral exploitation activities – 30% tax rate.

    Insurance is granted 5% tax rate.

    Value Added Tax/Sales Tax

    The standard rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) in Cambodia – 10%.

    And the 0% of VAT rate applies to industries who supply certain goods and services to exporters.

    Payment Processing

    The most important part for any eCommerce business is having option for paying online customer as customers find it more convenient to pay online for their purchases. If customers are not having this option to pay online for their purchases then they are not going to buy anything.

    Payment Processing

    If you are looking for local payment system then you should root with these payment system.

    • PayWay
    • Acleda Bank
    • Skrill

    If you are looking for international payment system then you should root for these payment system.

    How the Payment is Processed in Marketplace

    The most crucial and sensitive part of an eCommerce marketplace is payment. Let’s discuss about how the payment is processed in marketplace.

    Default Payment Flow

    In the Default Payment Flow, Whenever the customer makes the payment for their purchases the payment goes to the store owner’s account which is linked to their store. Now, they have a responsibility to make the payment to the respective seller out of eCommerce platform with the help of different means like NEFT, Cheque, Bank transfer, etc. made by the customer for their purchases will go directly to the store owner’s bank account.

    Split Payment Flow

    In Split Payment Flow they allows the splitting of payment which customer made during their purchase order and commissions among multiple vendors. It all will be done in single transaction when the customer make their payment.

    In split payment, all the process will be followed automatically and the amount will be splited between the seller and the admin. Admin will receive their payment in their account registered with the store and the seller will receive in theirs.

    Shipping Options

    Now a days shipping is more important part of any eCommerce business in order to provide their service to the customer just like payment options.

    Shipping Options

    So, to solve this problem you can root for any of these logistics options according to your requirement and choice with the reasonable charge according to the size of the product or delivering location. Because the customer is not going to buy anything if think like that the shipping charge is too much for them.

    Some of them are

    • FedEx
    • UPS
    • USPS
    • ARAMAX

    How is Webkul helping to create an effective marketplace?

    Webkul is working with many clients around the globe providing them their services in developing their marketplace or website or mobile. Meal temple is one such example.

    Meal temple is one of the best marketplace in Cambodia which we have developed where customer can easily order foods according to their location and cuisine menus . The vendor can easily showcase the voucher events on the website.

    Meal Temple

    These are some of the things available in this marketplace.

    Marketplace Module

    Wallet System

    Social Login

    Single Seller Checkout

    MP Mobile App

    Marketplace Hyperlocal

    Mobile Wallet System

    Delivery Boy App

    To know more about our success in eCommerce marketplace sector you should go though Webkul marketplace.

    If you are looking for an e-commerce marketplace business, then there are some other factors which one need to consider depending on the country you are rooting for to start your eCommerce marketplace business.

    Just like marketplace cost/investment varies from country to country.

    Just like that there are some other factors which you needs to take as additional requirement and legal regulations if you are rooting for Cambodia as initial place to start your eCommerce marketplace.

    What is Hyperlocal ?

    There’s been a lot of confusion about the hyperlocal marketplace model or on-demand near me delivery model ever since it has been uncovered.

    The main reason behind this is pretty clear as it offers both convenience and the efficiency at the same time to both the sellers and the buyers.

    Hyperlocal marketplace

    The popularity of hyperlocal marketplace has been on next high because of the deliverance of the product at the short span of time. And the demand of this marketplace has been increasing since then. And this is why many businesses have been adopting this model

    With the help of Hyperlocal model the end-users can easily delegate their daily chores more conveniently. This Model brings on-demand delivery to the door of opportunity for small scale retailers and merchants.

    Why integrate Hyperlocal Marketplace?

    As the pandemic arose at the beginning of 2020, everyone was bound to stay inside there house and because of their needs of essentials they needed to go out to the market which was making them more vulnerable to risk.

    The customers found a better option at the time was to turn to the online retailers to fulfil their needs of day to day essentials. This was the main turning point for the hyperlocal marketplace that it begins to gain more and more traffic and customers resulting in good revenues.

    This concludes the fact that pandemic made a huge change in consumer behavior. It made their online shopping the only option to fulfill their needs.

    The main concern for the online retailers was the deliverance of the products in shorter span of time and with the help of this model this can be solved. And it made the hyperlocal marketplace model more savior and superior over all.

    In terms of current market standards, this model has appealed every online business to engage and fulfil faster deliveries.

    Benefits of Hyperlocal Marketplace.

    This model helps in connecting the consumers to the the nearby stores.
    This will be helpful especially in particular geographical regions. It gives a better shopping experience to the consumers.

    The next generation in transforming the eCommerce sector is Hyperlocal Marketplace for both the merchants and the consumers.

    I have listed some of the benefits below. Let’s have a look at them.

    • With the help of this model, the demand of the local stores has been skyrocketed especially in geographical regions.
    • Consumers were having better shopping experience because of this model.
    • It enhanced the delivery procedure for the products which was purchased by the consumers.
    • Because of this model many local business or stores or retailers have generated more revenues.

    Appealing features of Hyperlocal Markeplace model.

    • One can find the nearest store or retailers to their location.
    • Can manage the inventory easily according to their location.
    • Their is a communication channel between both the consumers and merchants with more security.
    • Can check if the shopper is available and delivery option according to their comfort.
    • Checkout from various stores (merchants).
    • Can detect the current location of the consumer.
    • Option for targeting the specific zones for delivery using the radius unit and the coverage range.
    • Real-time order confirmation and delivery tracking facility.


    Thus, that is all about the article on eCommerce Marketplace In Cambodia. In case of any query or more details, kindly contact us at

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