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How to import products via CSV to Akeneo?

Updated 4 July 2023

In a series of learning Akeneo, in this article, we will tell you about “How to import product in Akeneo via CSV file”. 

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Akeneo Data Sync

To import the products into Akeneo, the user must import the categories, attributes, attribute groups, and families. 

Here the users can check the steps – 

Manage your CSV file

To import the CSV file into Akeneo,  the user have to prepare the CSV file. The CSV file format will be the same as the user will get after exporting the products from Akeneo. 

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For any custom CSV file import,  the user can check this module. 

Find attached the CSV file format to import the products. 

Import section in Akeneo

The user can find the import section in Akeneo main menu. The user can see the already-created import profile here. 

To create a new import profile, the user can click on the “Create Import Profile” button. 

Import Profile in Akeneo

Create a new Import Profile 

After the user will click on the import profile, a new page will open. 

Here the user can enter these details: 

1 – Code: The code will be unique for the import profile. 

2 – Label: The label is used to identify the job easily that the user has created. 

3 – Job: The job needs to select to import the data that the user wants. For example, if the user wants to import only products then the user can select the Job “Product Import in CSV”.

After this,  the user can click on the save button to save the profile. 

Create new import in Akeneo

Configure the Import Profile

Once the user will be done with creating an import profile. The user has to configure the import profile. 

The user can view the import profile that is already created. 

Users can click on the edit button to configure it. 

  • File path – The user can set the file path to upload the file while importing the products in Akeneo.
  • Allow file upload – The user can upload the files from a specified file path.
  • Delimiter – The user can select the Delimiters to separate the data in a CSV file. (semi-colon, comma…)
  • Enclosure – The user can use the Enclosure to enclose a field value.
  • Date format – Defilne the Date format in the CSV file.
  • Enable the product – The user can set the status of the products in Akeneo.
  • Categories column – The user can define the column name for the categories in the imported file.
  • Family column – The user can define the column name for the Families in the CSV file.
  • Groups column – The user can define the Groups name for the Products in the CSV file.
  • Compare values – It will compare the original product value and CSV file value.
  • Real-time history update – It will update the history of the products.
  • Convert variant products to simple products – The user can select this option to import the configurable products as simple products.
Import profile configuration

Upload the CSV file 

After setting up the import profile, the user can click on the “Save” button to save the import profile.

The user can see two options:

1 – If they have added the File Path URL then the import will upload the CSV file from the selected location.

Akeneo import file path set

2 – The user can upload the CSV file with Drag and Drop method.

Akeneo Import upload csv file

Execute and Monitor the Import Process 

After uploading the CSV file, the user can click on the “UPLOAD AND IMPORT NOW” button to import the products from CSV into Akeneo.

Upload and Import Now

The user can check the process tracker while importing the products.

Process Tracker

The user can check the products in the product grid after importing the products in Akeneo.

Akeneo Product Grid


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