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How to Get Etsy API Credentials

Updated 1 July 2020

Etsy Connector App for Shopify requires Etsy API Key & Secret Key to complete the setup. This you will get on creating an app on Etsy. Follow this blog to know how to create an app & get the credentials.

Register on Etsy

Firstly, you need to visit this link: Sign in | Etsy. Here, register as a developer. If you already have an account as a developer, simply log in!

Etsy API Credentials: API Key & Secret Key.

For new registrations, after submitting the details, you will receive a confirmation email to verify & get access to the developer account.

Once all done, you’ll land the following page:


Fill the following details in the form to complete the process of app creation:

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  • Application Name: This will be visible to the user while authenticating for getting OAuth Token and OAuth Secret. Application names cannot include “Etsy”, or derivatives of it. Follow these instructions which creating the app name.
  • Describe your Application: This field is only seen by Etsy. Please be sure to provide an in-depth description of what your application does, how it works, and why it’s useful. Up to 500 characters long.
  • Application Website: Enter the Shopify store URL.
  • What type of application are you building?: Seller Tools
  • Who will be the users of this application?: Just myself or colleagues
  • Is your application commercial?: No
  • Will your app do any of the following?: Mark all three options: Upload or edit listings, Read sales data & Send email

Lastly, read and agree to the Etsy API Terms of Use


NOTE: You are required to enable Two-Factor Authentication before you can create an API key. Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Etsy API Credentials

Now that you have created an app, you can easily get the credentials. Visit: Apps You’ve Made > Click on See API Key Details:


Copy the Keystring: API Key & Shared Secret Key and enter these details while configuring Etsy Connector App for Shopify.

You can drop your query/suggestion at [email protected] or create your ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

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