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    How to create a New Attribute Type in Akeneo

    Updated 24 August 2022

    How to create a New Attribute Type in Akeneo
    Choose attribute type in Akeneo


    An attribute is a product’s characteristic. A product is usually composed of several attributes: an identification number, a name, a description, a price, a color… Depending on your Akeneo Edition version (Community or Enterprise), you can choose from 18 attribute types.

    A product family is the collection of attributes that will be the same for all products related to that family. After creating the attribute and attribute group we assign them to a product family., check our What is family? article.

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    You can easily create attribute groups to gather your attributes and ease their enrichment in the product form. Read the article to get more information about attribute groups: How to Create Attributes and Attributes Groups in Akeneo?

    let’s start with how to create a new attribute type in Akeneo

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    How to create a new attribute type in Akeneo

    1. The first thing we need is to declare a new service for the New Attribute Type (below attribute type name taken as ‘url_media’)

    Make sure that the file containing your declaration is correctly loaded by your bundle extension.

        acme_catalog.attribute_type.url_media.class: Acme\Bundle\AttributeTypeBundle\Component\AttributeType\UrlMediaType
            class: '%acme_catalog.attribute_type.url_media.class%'
                - 'text'
                - { name: pim_catalog.attribute_type, alias: pim_catalog_url_media, entity: '%pim_catalog.entity.product.class% }

    2. Create a class of above register attribute type service

    namespace  Acme\Bundle\AttributeTypeBundle\Component\AttributeType;
    use Akeneo\Pim\Structure\Component\AttributeType\AbstractAttributeType;
    class UrlMediaType extends AbstractAttributeType
          * {@inheritdoc}
         public function getName()
             return 'pim_catalog_url_media';

    3. Add Attribute Type custom icon 

    a) Add the below configuration in ‘Acme/Bundle/AttributeTypeBundle/Resources/config/requirejs.yml’

                    pim_catalog_url_media: url_media

    b) Create less file in ‘Acme/Bundle/AttributeTypeBundle/Resources/public/less/index.less’ and add icon path as given below reference

    .AknButton-squareIcon--url_media {
        background-image: url("../bundles/attributetype/images/icon-url_media.svg");

    4. Run the following command using the terminal at your PIM root directory.

    ( Note: Please note that neither the Apache user or the CLI should be the root user of the system. )

    php bin/console cache:clear --env=prod && php bin/console pim:installer:assets --symlink --clean --env=prod && yarn run webpack && php bin/console d:s:u --force

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