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How to Boost your website with Shopify Headless tools?

Updated 25 September 2023

Shopify is a SAAS-based (Software as a service) e-commerce platform. Where the user can build their own e-commerce website. There are many Shopify headless tools from which you can boost your website. Shopify contains flexibility, Requires less time, is Affordable, and requires less capital for the first go.

Also, there is no limitation, on the number of products a user can sell on the Shopify store. It is most helpful for beginners to set up their business and run an online store.

One can easily figure out how to add the products, How to set features of your store, How to set the payment option, and many more useful features. Also one can customize the look & feel of their website by using Multivendor Marketplace Shopify themes

What is headless Shopify?

Headless is a structure that uses separate technologies for powering the front end and back end of your store. It means the front of the store is on a different technology than the backend of the store, but both are coupled with each other.

Shopify headless tools

Going with headless-e-commerce, provides the liberty to completely customize the look and feel layer and provides users with a good shopping experience.

Start your headless eCommerce
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Also, it allows the integration of multiple systems through APIs because the API first approach is followed in the headless development.

Why adopt Shopify Headless tools?

  1. More Flexible
  2. Ready to Scale
  3. Better Performance
  4. Improved customer Experience
  5. Enhanced personalization

Introduction to Shopify Plus

Development with one of the most famous Shopify headless tools – Shopify plus provides you with the flexibility to ensure that your website is fully compatible with Shopify. As per the growth of the business, the difficulties of everything get lift-off (i.e SKUS, Customers, Orders, Returns, etc).

With the help of Shopify Plus, you will have access to Shopify tools like Shopify flow & launchpad.

Difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus

Shopify is used by everyday e-commerce businesses. It provides an analytic tool where you can track your store data.

Also, You can move from Shopify to Shopify Plus without any migration because it is in the same system.

Shopify Plus users are flagship retailers. Not only do you get the launch manager but you can edit the checkout page. Shopify Plus offers more advanced tools like Script editor & Shopify Flow.

Shopify Plus is more expensive and the plans of Shopify plus are less visible than Shopify.

Hydrogen for Shopify headless development

Hydrogen is a react-based framework. With the help of this headless tool, you can build a customized storefront for Shopify. So basically Shopify will be your dashboard/backend with connecting APIS you can use the hydrogen framework for storefronts.

Shopify hydrogen is essentially a set of tool kits, readymade components & templates in order to make build-in custom storefronts in a much easier and faster way.

Shopify Headless Hydrogen Development -Shopify Headless tools

In the templates which come with Hydrogen, You’ll find that most of the core functionalities of an online store are already built in by the Shopify team.

Hydrogen is free you just have to add brand identity also it is hosted by Shopify it is already integrated with Shopify. It has a great tech stack with good community support.

Hydrogen solves these challenges:

  1. Streaming server-side rendering
  2. React Server Components
  3. Fine-grained caching controls.

Shopify Oxygen

It is an amazing headless tool from Shopify. It is a platform where you can host Hydrogen storefronts on Shopify with performance optimized for a global scale.

Shopify Oxygen Hosting

The users who are using both Hydrogen and Oxygen will have the potential to store any type of template in their stores.

Shopify Oxygen handles a high volume of traffic on your website. This leads to easily completing a flash sale or a high-volume social media campaign.

Oxygen solves these challenges:

  1. Manages server Components
  2. Manages complex need for Hydrogen


Shopify is an e-commerce which always grabs the latest trends in eCommerce. As it has introduced Shopify plus previously. And now Shopify has launched Hydrogen and Oxygen to make the development faster.

Headless commerce with a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen improves site performance and streamless headless eCommerce stores.

If you’re looking for a highly customizable and adaptable Shopify Hydrogen Theme, you should look into Shopify Headless Multi Vendor Marketplace

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