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    Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify- New Theme

    We have introduced a New Theme for Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify. The theme will be released soon.  With the new theme, you have a much more informative Dashboard, with recent sellers registered and recent products added shown and many new functionalities.

    Meanwhile, you can check the theme screenshots and share your thoughts on the same by sending an email at or by creating a ticket at

    Please note that the Theme is not yet launched and will be launching soon.

    Multivendor Marketplace Admin End

    This is the layout for the Admin end on the Multivendor App.

    Here is the Dashboard. This gives you information about the Sales, Recent Orders, Recent Registered Sellers, etc.

    Moreover, check out the Home Page view for the Admin. You can check the list of Feature Apps activated for the app.

    Let’s see the Order list Page. We have added Payment Mode and the Payment Status columns on the page. Check the screenshot below :

    Similarly, the “Add Product” Page is changed and looks this way now :

    Have a look at the Seller Profile Page Setting too from the Admin end:

    Seller End

    The pages shown above for the Order list page, Add product page, etc will remain the same. There will be slight changes to the Seller Dashboard.


    Furthermore, if you need any kind of support/Consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop an email at

    Thanks for reading this blog!!! 🙂

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  • Gerardo Madero Campo
    Hi!! ItΒ΄s fucking awesome!!!!!!! What day do you think its gonna be live? I know that it will be live this month, but do you know more or less the day or the week?
    Regards!!! πŸ™‚
    When do we see the new theme in action?
    • Neha Sharma

      The new theme will be live in early November. For any more questions, feel free to connect


  • HOG Furniture
    we are not certain that we would continue with webkul, because we have sent in series of emails since 3weeks ago with constant reminders, but none was replied or acknowledged.

    how cool is that?

    • Webkul Support
      Hi,Please find the screenshot below, where you were replied for the mail sent 03 weeks ago on ticket number #37165.
      Best Regards , Nitika Srivastava Webkul
      • HOG Furniture
        We recently signed up as a vendor but never received the acknowledgement email of the sign up so we can access our page.
        • Webkul Support
          Checking the same.For further queries, please reply to another ticket raised by you #40426Best Regards , Nitika Srivastava Webkul
  • Fonderson
    Please make it possible for us to be able to sell services just like Airbnb. I men get multiple vendors on the market place to sell Airbnb type services. Anxiously waiting for that
  • Andy Katz
    This looks amazing — Can’t wait for it! Nice job.
    • Andy Katz
      very excited for the collections capabilities :)))))))
    • Neha Sharma
      Thanks Andy πŸ™‚
      We are hoping to get this live by the early November 2017.


  • Mike Boudrie
    When do you think this will be live? It looks great, a big improvement
    • Neha Sharma
      Hi Mike,

      We are hoping to get this live by the early November 2017.


  • Sarah fraikue
    Fantastic news!
    • Neha Sharma
      Hi Sarah,
      Hope you are fine.

      We are hoping to get this live by the early November 2017.


  • Elise Copeland
    Very excited to see these new changes! It really needed an overhaul. Really hoping for some better capabilities like the seller being able to print their own shipping label from their dashboard, and have access to live usps rates like amazon does.
    • Neha Sharma
      Hi Elise,

      The new theme will definitely have a better flow and view from the current theme with some major fixes too. You have to wait to exactly know what are the features included, as we plan to launch by early November 2017.


  • Ruvey Roets
    This is excellent. Happy that the variants are now part of the “Add product” and not done separately afterwards. Now the seller can immediately add products and include variants.
    • Neha Sharma
      Glad to know that you are happy with the App πŸ™‚

      In case of any issue, feel free to connect


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