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    What Is Headless eCommerce

    Most of the curious guys out there searching for new ways to reinvent the eCommerce and improve the customer experience. Must have heard about what Headless eCommerce is!

    There has been a significant development in the course of different platforms and frameworks around headless and decouple front-end.

    With the solution like Gatsby.js (react-base PWA framework), Vue Storefront(Vue.js-base PWA framework) and platforms like Magento, WordPress, etc. Advocating for this approach and opening up their front-end API to allow headless implementations!

    What is Headless eCommerce?


    Headless eCommerce is a situation in which you house back-end or content/data management systems and storage(database) separately from displaying interface.

    With this division, the site owner will have a more flexible and richer user experience. As the developers can use API’s or web services to deliver things. Things like products, blog posts or customer reviews to any screen or device.

    The front-end developers will have the freedom to present the content using any framework they like.

    You can also say headless commerce architecture is build for the IoT age.

    In contrast, the traditional commerce platforms have the front end and back end tightly linked with each other.

    In a way that you only deliver the content to a defined website and maybe to a native mobile app.

    But on the other hand, the headless eCommerce delivers the content via Restful APIs.

    Then it connect the back-end data model with the recent technologies like the React or React Native.

    API‘s allow you to display content and product to different channels like the smartwatches, Alexa and gaming console, etc.

    Why is the world going headless?

    The exponential growth of the IoT devices in the market has given the drastic change in customer behavior.

    As per the Millennial Shopping Report 2019, a survey was conducted among an average of 1002 youngsters.

    The survey was whether they use voice assist for shopping (like the product search, product review, etc.) or not.

    Image result for Millennial Shopping Report 2019

    There were 45% of the youngsters stated that they use voice assist for their online purchases.

    But the game is not just for the Google Home Assist or Amazon Echo. The Headless eCommerce helps you target the different screens like the smart wearable devices (through Augmented Reality and Virtual Goggles)

    This means that if your website needs to survive in the future. Then you need to connect to the multiple channels.

    Listing Benefits of using Headless eCommerce

    Presentation Layer: If we talk about a custom-built front-end or a CMS. The only focus is to deliver the content/data to the end-user. Thus help in improving the performance and reducing the complexity.

    Ease of Custom Built: It is easier to add custom functionality to any extent. Functionalities like adding properties or changing layout of template etc.

    Flexible in terms of design and format: No restriction based on the strength or weakness of eCommerce platforms. Some of the major Platforms like Magento and Opencart etc.

    Faster After Development: With the headless eCommerce, developers can change front-end without worrying about altering the back-end logic, making it possible to push swift updates to the website.

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