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    How to Add Delivery Times in Shopware6

    Updated 13 August 2021


    With this user guide, you can check How to Add Delivery Times in Shopware6.

    Shopware is the most used eCommerce platform in Germany. Shopware is an enterprise-level platform based on PHP language. There are 80K plus users who have installed the Shopware for managing their products. Shopware is an open-source eCommerce framework. It is growing fastly with great features like Content ManagementDrag-Drop design layoutMulti-warehouse system.

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    Add Delivery Time

    Goto the Dashboard, and click on the setting button.


    Click on the Delivery times option.

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    On the Delivery times page, you will see all the times that are visible in the store. To add a new delivery time, click on the Add delivery times button.


    Now, you can fill in the options.

    Name – Here you can enter the name of the delivery time like – 1 week, 1 month, 2 days, etc.

    Unit – In the unit section, you can select the options that are – Day, Week, Month, and Year.

    Minimum and Maximum – In both sections, you can fill the Minimum and Maximum times.


    After that, you will click on the Save button. Then the new delivery time will save on the store.

    Now go to Catalogues -> Product -> Add Product -> Product Deliverability, here you can see the delivery times.


    Customer View

    When the customer purchase product, then on the checkout page customers can view the delivery time that has been set by the admin as seen in the screenshot given below.


    Need help?

    That’s all about How to Add Delivery Times in Shopware6 for any query and issue related to Shopware please create a support ticket here.

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