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    How to Configure the Currencies for the Shopware6 Store?

    Updated 13 August 2021


    With this user guide, the Customer will learn how to add Currencies with the symbol and activate it on the front Shop.

    In the most simple description, you can say that a currency is a system of money in common use, especially in a nation. Every nation has a different currency system and its values are across the world.

    Under this definition, we will show US dollars, British pounds, European euros, and Russian ruble for examples of currency. Different currencies are classified by their costs and exchanged between nations in foreign transaction markets.

    Shopware provides you the support of many currencies. you can use the currency to set the value for the price attribute type.

    Example: If you are using the United States for your e-commerce channel. Shopware provides the code like $US-Dollar. In which the US specifies the country code and Dollar represent country currency.

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    Shopware currencies

    When you will create Currencies in Shopware, You can see the relevant currency has been activated in the Shopware store.

    For enabling a currency in Shopware you have to go Shopware Dashboard and navigate to Setting.


    After clicking Setting, then a page will open. Here you have to click on Currencies.


    Now you will see a new page will open. Here you can see the button Add currency. To add a new currency click on it.


    By clicking on the button Add currency within the currency overview, the mask opens to create a new currency.

    • Name – Here write the currency name.
    • ISO Code – Three-letter alphabetic codes that represent the various currencies used throughout the world.
    • Short Name –  Here you will fill the short name of your currency.

    Symbol – Currency sign is a graphic symbol used as a shorthand for a currency’s name, especially in reference to amounts of money.

    Conversion factor – One country’s money can become weaker or stronger against other currencies.

    For example, if the euro/U.S. dollar conversion rate is 1.25, that means one euro can equate to $1.25 in American currency.

    Decimals- Every currency has its own parameter maintenance. Currency decimal maintenance is one of the parameters for currencies. This is because different currencies could have different decimals

    After filling all the details, click on the Save button.

    Shopware Shop

    Now, go to Shopware6 Dashboard and click on the Shop button.


    After clicking the shop button, a page Shop will open. On this page, you will select currencies that you want to show on the front end.

    Currencies –  Here you will select currencies that you want to show on the front store.

    Default currency –In this option, you can choose only one currency that will set on automatically in the front store.


    After that click on the Save button. A new currency generates into the front store.

    Front store

    Go to the Shopware6 front store.


    Click on the right side of the store.

    Here you will see, the currencies are available over there. Customer can choose currencies related to your country.


    Now, go to the Product page and click on any products.


    Here you will see the product price in the US currency. Now customers can Select the currency according to customer country.

    Click on Russian Ruble(RUB). Now you will see that currency will change.



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