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    How to Start a Mobile Wallet App

    Wallet System

    In the era of the fast online transaction, wallet payment has paved a way out where you can just add the amount to your wallet system and forget about cash, cards, etc.

    In the Wallet System, the customer can add the amount in their wallet and further can use this amount to purchase the store products as a payment gateway.

    But currently, increase the requirement of the customer like – Transfer the wallet amount to another customer’s wallet, Cashback in the wallet, wallet amount transfer to the bank account etc.

    Mobile Wallet System

    If you want that your customers can make the online payment from their wallet system via using the mobile application

    Then Webkul always here to help you out. With the help of our Mobile wallet system, your customer can use the wallet system via the smartphone.

    Mobile wallet app gives these functionalities in the application –

    Add Amount To Wallet

    The customer can add the amount to the wallet to use in the checkout process. The amount here is added as we purchase a product by adding them to cart.

    Transfer Amount To Other Customer

    The wallet amount can be transferred amount different customers of the application. This can be done by easily selecting a customer and transferring the amount to their wallet.

    Making Purchase Via Wallet

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    The customer can easily purchase the products by using the payment method which makes the payment process fast and effective.

    The amount is automatically debited when the payment is made that can be seen on the wallet page.

    Advantages – 

    – Customer/User can use Wallet amount during the checkout and money will be deducted from their Wallet Cash.

    – The customers can easily add credit to their wallet system. They can easily make all the transactions by using the mobile app.

    – Admin can set the limit for the Wallet System. Admin can add or deduct the amount from customer’s wallet.

    – A customer can send a request to transfer his/her wallet money to another customer’s wallet.

    – Admin can also refund the customer amount through the Wallet System by adding the wallet cash.

    – Both Admin and Customer/Buyer can view the transaction details.

    This wallet system can even be integrated with an application on the various platform to allow the customer make payment via wallet system like – Magento, Magento2, OpenCart, CS-Cart, PrestaShop.

    If you have any particular project or app requirement, you can reach us anytime with a small brief and We’ll get back to you.

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