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    How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment for Open-cart

    Okay,  let’s take a real-life example. There is an online cosmetic shop. I recently purchased 2 items from the website. I added those products to the cart and realized that shipping charges are being applied.

    Being a customer, I left the items in the cart and started looking for more options or websites where I could find the same products, without any shipping charges.

    We call this scenario as Shopping Cart Abundance. The customer buys some products and adds them to his cart. For instance, suppose he bought a teeshirt of Rs 500 and a bag of Rs 400.

    The total sum of his purchase should be Rs 900 but as the customer added the products to the cart, the shipping charges of Rs 100 are added to the cart and the final bill amounts to Rs 1000.

    At this point, the customer may leave the products in the cart, and look for more options or websites where they can find same products in less amount.

    Which means there shall be fewer sales conversions; because there shall be no sales which in turn would generate less revenue.

    Sudden Hike in Pricing

    In some cases, there are chances where the customer has to pay the taxes as well as the shipping charges, and so there is a sudden hike in the pricing.

    There is a possibility that the customer may feel disinterested to buy products and may start looking for other options. This may increase the bounce rate for the website.

    We must ensure that our product or website is such that it keeps the customers intact to your store.

    The store owner must inculcate such features which are pocket-friendly for the customers and they visit your store again and again.

    Our Opencart platform offers multiple free shipping methods.

    cart abandonment


    Page Speed

    Page speed can be described as “Page Load time” or in how much time content of the page loads.

    Sometimes, after the customer has made the purchase, and moves forth to make payment for the product, the content or the payment gateway page takes time to load.

    This may make a customer restless and he may leave the website.

    This may lead to increased bounce rates and lower average time on the page if the transaction fails or the page freezes. This shall definitely affect the revenue conversions for the online store.

    “Call of Action” Button

    “Call of action” button is a major aspect of any marketing program. What if you want to make a payment and you get navigated to a product page.

    Therefore call of action button allows the users to take a specific action like download a file, buy a product, anything, that appears at first scroll of the page.

    cart abandonment


    Faster Communication

    Better communication between the vendor and customer plays an important role in developing goodwill amongst the customers.

    A marketplace vendor builds proper marketing strategies in order to gain goodwill amongst the customers in terms of the products so that customers do not leave your store unsatisfied.

    One of the most crucial parts of the marketing strategy is following up with your customers. It is important so that the customer is ensured that you are always available to them. This shall increase the reliability factor amongst the customers.

    It’s a good way to keep in regular touch with your customers and ask them what they need next, or if the product is working fine at their end.

    Check –

    cart abandonment

    Check –

    cart abandonment

    Trust and Goodwill

    It is very important for the marketplace owners to gain the trust of the customers. This can only be achieved by treating the customers’ issue as your own.

    After purchasing the product, it is likely that a customer may face issues regarding the product. It’s not a good idea to make excuses or cause a delay in fixing the issue.

    As a sales professional, it is our duty to offer our best services to the customers and fix the customers issues at the earliest.

    This way the customer shall develop trust in you and which would lead to increased goodwill amongst the customers.

    If the customer is satisfied with the product and services that you offer, he may simply drop positive reviews for your product.

    This shall affect the brand reputation in the market and these reviews may lure multiple customers to your store, which definitely would increase the sales conversions for your store.

    cart abendonment

    That’s all for “How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment for Open-cart” article. If you still face any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the article better

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