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Export Association product from Akeneo To Magento2

Updated 30 December 2019

Association product in a Marketing tool in this you can suggest customers a different product which is quite related to the product which customer is looking for by which customer get a better and different product.

In the Association product, a related product that is similar in Price, Brand, and Type. These products will appear on the product page, shopping cart of the customer.

Types of Association Product In Akeneo

In Akeneo PIM there are four types of Association products:

  • Cross-sell
  • Up-sell
  • Substitution
  • Pack

In Mgento2 Up-sell and Related products are visible on the Product page and Cross-sell is visible on Shopping cart.

You can create different Associations products in Akeneo to know how to create an Association product click here.

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How To Export Association Product In Magento2

To Export the Association Product in Magento2 you have to first Export the Simple Product in Magento2 from Akeneo.

Create Export Profile to export the simple product.


Export Simple Product from Akeneo to Magento2.


Once the products are exported in Magento2. You can see the product in Magento2 backend and on Store.



Then after exporting the simple product in Magento2 you have to Add the product in the main product in which the Association product will be added.

To add association product, click on Products>>Select Product>>Association.

After that, there will be a dropdown option in which you have to select the Association Type. Then you have to click on Add Associations to select the association product.


Select the product for Association and then click to Confirm to add the association in the product.


Once you added the Associations then click to Save Button.

Now after creating the Association Product, you have to create Association Export Profile to export the Association Product in Magento2.

Before that, you have to do the association mapping. Map the Association Mapping.

Click to Magento2 Connector icon>>Association Mapping.


Select the Association and map it. Then click to Save Button.

Create Export Profile:

Now Create the Export Profile to export the Association product.

Click to Export>>Create Export Profile

You have to fill the code, label and select the Product Association Export job.


Click to Save. Then select the credentials, content, and properties.

Once you have created the profile click to Export Now.



Once the Association product is exported you can check the product in Magento2 backend.


Association product on Store.



If you have any query please create a support ticket at- If you are a retailer, facing issues in handling a large number of products, drop us a line in comments below.

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