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    eComviser: Wallet App to Boost Online Sales

    Updated 18 October 2019

    “Increasing Brand Loyalty” & having a “Perfect Customer Retention Strategy” are the two primary keys to grab customer’s attention. You might have seen the Wallet System in many eCommerce websites which attract customers enormously. But there are few powerful features in some apps which can differentiate your website from others.

    Now a days, it has been found that Websites having the functionalities of providing discount to customers via Wallet are more successful in engaging enormous traffic on their websites. Thus, Wallet System apps are proved to be the most promising tool one can use to rev up the sales on eCommerce websites.

    Keeping these traits in mind, eComviser app is build up to provide the store owner some of the simplest ways to use Wallet system through an app and elevate the sales on his/her online store.

    eComviser is basically an app created for the eCommerce store owners who are willing to provide astonishing benefits to their customers through Wallet system.Wallet App

    What’s about Etsy Sellers!

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    If You have an eCommerce Website mainly focused on Handmade & Vintage items, then You can check out the newly launched Application eComviser!

    Wallet System App for Etsy Sellers

    Basically, eComviser came up with an idea of using an app wisely to generate traffic on eCommerce website.

    If You are selling your products on Etsy, then You as an Etsy Seller can use the eComviser Wallet System app with numerous features to grab a huge customer attention.

    Thus, eComviser app can be used to such a great extent that even the Etsy sellers too can get ultimate benefits using this app.

    Take a Look at some benefits to use eComviser Wallet System App.

    Benefits for Sellers

    • Sellers of Etsy can provide discount to their customers using eComviser Wallet System app.
    • Etsy Orders get imported within the app by analyzing the purchase history of the customers.
    • Sellers can create Wallet point distribution rule to add points in Customer wallet.
    • Seller can provide Cashback to customers and thus grab customer’s attention for his/her products.
    • Thus, Sellers can drive engaged traffic on Website by providing astonishing benefits to the Customers through the eComviser Wallet System App.Wallet app for Etsy sellers

    Benefits for Customers

    • Customers can generate Coupons using available Wallet Points provided by the Seller.
    • Customer can anytime request the Etsy Seller for providing Wallet Points.
    • Also, Customer can have multiple coupons assigned to them from the Seller.
    • Customer can manage his/her Wallet by creating coupons using available Wallet Points.
    • Additionally, customer will get notified via Email once the seller assigns coupon to him/her.
    • Customer will have the list of all his/her Active as well as Expired Coupons.eComviser

    Wallet System App

    Brief Summery

    Using Wallet System App, Etsy Sellers can offer discounts to your customers. Seller will have all the orders fetched within the app thus they can create various cashback rules for their customers by analysing their purchase history.
    Your customers can have cashback points in their wallet and they can anytime request you to convert their Wallet points to Discounts as only then discount can be applied an Etsy cart page.
    Seller can also provide Cashback to the individual customers in their wallet.
    Both Seller and Customers will get notified on all the events.

    There are lots more benefits one can get with the eComviser App.

    Want to know more about eComviser in detail, CLICK HERE


    eCommerce Business owners who are thinking out of the box to take up their websites to a next level, then eComviser App will definitively help in this achievement. Go..Get this App..And integrate your online sales through this platform!!!

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